Turkish Lira (TRY) To Thai Baht (THB) Currency Exchange Rates History

This page shows the historical data for Turkish Lira (TRY) to Thai Baht (THB). With the history chart of this currency pairs you can review market history and analyze rate trends. The best TRY to THB rate over a historical period can be determined using the history chart and prices below;

Turkish Lira to Thai Baht History Graph

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THB to TRY Historical Exchange Rates

Exchange Rate History For Converting Turkish Lira (TRY) to Thai Baht (THB)

Historical Date Turkish Lira Thai Baht
Monday02/01/20231 TRY=1.845 THB
Tuesday03/01/20231 TRY=1.8333 THB
Wednesday04/01/20231 TRY=1.8159 THB
Thursday05/01/20231 TRY=1.8094 THB
Friday06/01/20231 TRY=1.8107 THB
Monday09/01/20231 TRY=1.7849 THB
Tuesday10/01/20231 TRY=1.7878 THB
Wednesday11/01/20231 TRY=1.7778 THB
Thursday12/01/20231 TRY=1.7706 THB
Friday13/01/20231 TRY=1.7571 THB
Monday16/01/20231 TRY=1.7571 THB
Tuesday17/01/20231 TRY=1.7599 THB
Wednesday18/01/20231 TRY=1.7473 THB
Thursday19/01/20231 TRY=1.7634 THB
Friday20/01/20231 TRY=1.7411 THB
Monday23/01/20231 TRY=1.7402 THB
Tuesday24/01/20231 TRY=1.7438 THB
Wednesday25/01/20231 TRY=1.7464 THB
Thursday26/01/20231 TRY=1.7429 THB
Friday27/01/20231 TRY=1.7464 THB
Monday30/01/20231 TRY=1.7429 THB
Tuesday31/01/20231 TRY=1.7599 THB
Wednesday01/02/20231 TRY=1.7491 THB
Thursday02/02/20231 TRY=1.741 THB
Friday03/02/20231 TRY=1.7545 THB
Monday06/02/20231 TRY=1.7862 THB
Tuesday07/02/20231 TRY=1.7842 THB
Wednesday08/02/20231 TRY=1.7806 THB
Thursday09/02/20231 TRY=1.7734 THB
Friday10/02/20231 TRY=1.7942 THB
Monday13/02/20231 TRY=1.8007 THB
Tuesday14/02/20231 TRY=1.7927 THB
Wednesday15/02/20231 TRY=1.8235 THB
Thursday16/02/20231 TRY=1.8235 THB
Friday17/02/20231 TRY=1.8346 THB
Monday20/02/20231 TRY=1.8272 THB
Tuesday21/02/20231 TRY=1.8339 THB
Wednesday22/02/20231 TRY=1.8309 THB
Thursday23/02/20231 TRY=1.8413 THB
Friday24/02/20231 TRY=1.8487 THB
Monday27/02/20231 TRY=1.8593 THB
Tuesday28/02/20231 TRY=1.8689 THB
Wednesday01/03/20231 TRY=1.837 THB
Thursday02/03/20231 TRY=1.8413 THB
Friday03/03/20231 TRY=1.8309 THB
Monday06/03/20231 TRY=1.8272 THB
Tuesday07/03/20231 TRY=1.8303 THB
Wednesday08/03/20231 TRY=1.8556 THB
Thursday09/03/20231 TRY=1.8519 THB
Friday10/03/20231 TRY=1.8513 THB
Monday13/03/20231 TRY=1.8222 THB
Tuesday14/03/20231 TRY=1.8185 THB
Wednesday15/03/20231 TRY=1.8212 THB
Thursday16/03/20231 TRY=1.8139 THB
Friday17/03/20231 TRY=1.7935 THB
Monday20/03/20231 TRY=1.792 THB
Tuesday21/03/20231 TRY=1.8007 THB
Wednesday22/03/20231 TRY=1.8037 THB
Thursday23/03/20231 TRY=1.7955 THB
Friday24/03/20231 TRY=1.7941 THB
Monday27/03/20231 TRY=1.8 THB
Tuesday28/03/20231 TRY=1.7955 THB
Wednesday29/03/20231 TRY=1.7852 THB
Thursday30/03/20231 TRY=1.7873 THB
Friday31/03/20231 TRY=1.7807 THB
Monday03/04/20231 TRY=1.7873 THB
Tuesday04/04/20231 TRY=1.7799 THB
Wednesday05/04/20231 TRY=1.7593 THB
Thursday06/04/20231 TRY=1.7695 THB
Tuesday11/04/20231 TRY=1.7724 THB
Wednesday12/04/20231 TRY=1.7753 THB
Thursday13/04/20231 TRY=1.7669 THB
Friday14/04/20231 TRY=1.7556 THB
Monday17/04/20231 TRY=1.7736 THB
Tuesday18/04/20231 TRY=1.7669 THB
Wednesday19/04/20231 TRY=1.7811 THB
Thursday20/04/20231 TRY=1.7707 THB
Friday21/04/20231 TRY=1.7698 THB
Monday24/04/20231 TRY=1.7727 THB
Tuesday25/04/20231 TRY=1.7689 THB
Wednesday26/04/20231 TRY=1.7585 THB
Thursday27/04/20231 TRY=1.7519 THB
Friday28/04/20231 TRY=1.7528 THB
Tuesday02/05/20231 TRY=1.7528 THB
Wednesday03/05/20231 TRY=1.7481 THB
Thursday04/05/20231 TRY=1.7341 THB
Friday05/05/20231 TRY=1.7323 THB
Monday08/05/20231 TRY=1.7313 THB
Tuesday09/05/20231 TRY=1.7269 THB
Wednesday10/05/20231 TRY=1.7232 THB
Thursday11/05/20231 TRY=1.7206 THB
Friday12/05/20231 TRY=1.7333 THB
Monday15/05/20231 TRY=1.7206 THB
Tuesday16/05/20231 TRY=1.7196 THB
Wednesday17/05/20231 TRY=1.7361 THB
Thursday18/05/20231 TRY=1.7361 THB
Friday19/05/20231 TRY=1.7361 THB
Monday22/05/20231 TRY=1.7388 THB
Tuesday23/05/20231 TRY=1.7491 THB
Wednesday24/05/20231 TRY=1.7323 THB
Thursday25/05/20231 TRY=1.7361 THB
Friday26/05/20231 TRY=1.7313 THB
Minimum: 1.7196 TRYTHB, Maximum: 1.8689 TRYTHB, Average: 1.7807 TRYTHB
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