Turkish Lira (TRY) To New Zealand Dollar (NZD) Currency Exchange Rates History

This page shows the historical data for Turkish Lira (TRY) to New Zealand Dollar (NZD). With the history chart of this currency pairs you can review market history and analyze rate trends. The best TRY to NZD rate over a historical period can be determined using the history chart and prices below;

Turkish Lira to New Zealand Dollar History Graph

To convert Turkish Lira to New Zealand Dollar or determine the Turkish Lira New Zealand Dollar exchange rate simply use the currency converter on this page.
NZD to TRY Historical Exchange Rates

Exchange Rate History For Converting Turkish Lira (TRY) to New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

Historical Date Turkish Lira New Zealand Dollar
Monday03/01/20221 TRY=0.1104 NZD
Tuesday04/01/20221 TRY=0.1102 NZD
Wednesday05/01/20221 TRY=0.1089 NZD
Thursday06/01/20221 TRY=0.1077 NZD
Friday07/01/20221 TRY=0.1065 NZD
Monday10/01/20221 TRY=0.1066 NZD
Tuesday11/01/20221 TRY=0.1068 NZD
Wednesday12/01/20221 TRY=0.1075 NZD
Thursday13/01/20221 TRY=0.1071 NZD
Friday14/01/20221 TRY=0.1078 NZD
Monday17/01/20221 TRY=0.1098 NZD
Tuesday18/01/20221 TRY=0.1087 NZD
Wednesday19/01/20221 TRY=0.1081 NZD
Thursday20/01/20221 TRY=0.1099 NZD
Friday21/01/20221 TRY=0.1109 NZD
Monday24/01/20221 TRY=0.1115 NZD
Tuesday25/01/20221 TRY=0.1108 NZD
Wednesday26/01/20221 TRY=0.1103 NZD
Thursday27/01/20221 TRY=0.111 NZD
Friday28/01/20221 TRY=0.1124 NZD
Monday31/01/20221 TRY=0.1138 NZD
Tuesday01/02/20221 TRY=0.1131 NZD
Wednesday02/02/20221 TRY=0.1112 NZD
Thursday03/02/20221 TRY=0.111 NZD
Friday04/02/20221 TRY=0.1115 NZD
Monday07/02/20221 TRY=0.1113 NZD
Tuesday08/02/20221 TRY=0.1106 NZD
Wednesday09/02/20221 TRY=0.11 NZD
Thursday10/02/20221 TRY=0.1103 NZD
Friday11/02/20221 TRY=0.1109 NZD
Monday14/02/20221 TRY=0.1114 NZD
Tuesday15/02/20221 TRY=0.1107 NZD
Wednesday16/02/20221 TRY=0.1105 NZD
Thursday17/02/20221 TRY=0.1093 NZD
Friday18/02/20221 TRY=0.1093 NZD
Monday21/02/20221 TRY=0.109 NZD
Tuesday22/02/20221 TRY=0.1073 NZD
Wednesday23/02/20221 TRY=0.1062 NZD
Thursday24/02/20221 TRY=0.104 NZD
Friday25/02/20221 TRY=0.1076 NZD
Monday28/02/20221 TRY=0.1076 NZD
Tuesday01/03/20221 TRY=0.106 NZD
Wednesday02/03/20221 TRY=0.105 NZD
Thursday03/03/20221 TRY=0.104 NZD
Friday04/03/20221 TRY=0.1028 NZD
Monday07/03/20221 TRY=0.1013 NZD
Tuesday08/03/20221 TRY=0.1009 NZD
Wednesday09/03/20221 TRY=0.0995 NZD
Thursday10/03/20221 TRY=0.0976 NZD
Friday11/03/20221 TRY=0.0987 NZD
Monday14/03/20221 TRY=0.0995 NZD
Tuesday15/03/20221 TRY=0.1007 NZD
Wednesday16/03/20221 TRY=0.0999 NZD
Thursday17/03/20221 TRY=0.0989 NZD
Friday18/03/20221 TRY=0.0982 NZD
Monday21/03/20221 TRY=0.0977 NZD
Tuesday22/03/20221 TRY=0.0971 NZD
Wednesday23/03/20221 TRY=0.097 NZD
Thursday24/03/20221 TRY=0.0971 NZD
Friday25/03/20221 TRY=0.0966 NZD
Monday28/03/20221 TRY=0.0972 NZD
Tuesday29/03/20221 TRY=0.0983 NZD
Wednesday30/03/20221 TRY=0.0976 NZD
Thursday31/03/20221 TRY=0.0983 NZD
Friday01/04/20221 TRY=0.098 NZD
Monday04/04/20221 TRY=0.098 NZD
Tuesday05/04/20221 TRY=0.0969 NZD
Wednesday06/04/20221 TRY=0.0976 NZD
Thursday07/04/20221 TRY=0.0982 NZD
Friday08/04/20221 TRY=0.0989 NZD
Monday11/04/20221 TRY=0.0993 NZD
Tuesday12/04/20221 TRY=0.0995 NZD
Wednesday13/04/20221 TRY=0.1012 NZD
Thursday14/04/20221 TRY=0.1004 NZD
Tuesday19/04/20221 TRY=0.1011 NZD
Wednesday20/04/20221 TRY=0.1003 NZD
Thursday21/04/20221 TRY=0.1003 NZD
Friday22/04/20221 TRY=0.1015 NZD
Monday25/04/20221 TRY=0.1023 NZD
Tuesday26/04/20221 TRY=0.1019 NZD
Wednesday27/04/20221 TRY=0.1028 NZD
Thursday28/04/20221 TRY=0.1045 NZD
Friday29/04/20221 TRY=0.103 NZD
Monday02/05/20221 TRY=0.1044 NZD
Tuesday03/05/20221 TRY=0.1043 NZD
Wednesday04/05/20221 TRY=0.1049 NZD
Thursday05/05/20221 TRY=0.1037 NZD
Friday06/05/20221 TRY=0.1041 NZD
Monday09/05/20221 TRY=0.1043 NZD
Tuesday10/05/20221 TRY=0.1039 NZD
Wednesday11/05/20221 TRY=0.1029 NZD
Thursday12/05/20221 TRY=0.1042 NZD
Friday13/05/20221 TRY=0.1035 NZD
Monday16/05/20221 TRY=0.1018 NZD
Tuesday17/05/20221 TRY=0.0997 NZD
Wednesday18/05/20221 TRY=0.0986 NZD
Thursday19/05/20221 TRY=0.0985 NZD
Friday20/05/20221 TRY=0.0983 NZD
Monday23/05/20221 TRY=0.0976 NZD
Tuesday24/05/20221 TRY=0.0964 NZD
Wednesday25/05/20221 TRY=0.0951 NZD
Thursday26/05/20221 TRY=0.0943 NZD
Friday27/05/20221 TRY=0.0935 NZD
Monday30/05/20221 TRY=0.0932 NZD
Tuesday31/05/20221 TRY=0.0936 NZD
Wednesday01/06/20221 TRY=0.0932 NZD
Thursday02/06/20221 TRY=0.0932 NZD
Friday03/06/20221 TRY=0.0926 NZD
Monday06/06/20221 TRY=0.0923 NZD
Tuesday07/06/20221 TRY=0.0929 NZD
Wednesday08/06/20221 TRY=0.0902 NZD
Thursday09/06/20221 TRY=0.09 NZD
Friday10/06/20221 TRY=0.0915 NZD
Monday13/06/20221 TRY=0.0922 NZD
Tuesday14/06/20221 TRY=0.0928 NZD
Wednesday15/06/20221 TRY=0.0925 NZD
Thursday16/06/20221 TRY=0.0922 NZD
Friday17/06/20221 TRY=0.0915 NZD
Monday20/06/20221 TRY=0.0908 NZD
Tuesday21/06/20221 TRY=0.091 NZD
Wednesday22/06/20221 TRY=0.0923 NZD
Thursday23/06/20221 TRY=0.0918 NZD
Friday24/06/20221 TRY=0.0915 NZD
Monday27/06/20221 TRY=0.0961 NZD
Tuesday28/06/20221 TRY=0.0957 NZD
Wednesday29/06/20221 TRY=0.0963 NZD
Thursday30/06/20221 TRY=0.0964 NZD
Friday01/07/20221 TRY=0.097 NZD
Monday04/07/20221 TRY=0.0951 NZD
Tuesday05/07/20221 TRY=0.0958 NZD
Wednesday06/07/20221 TRY=0.0941 NZD
Thursday07/07/20221 TRY=0.0938 NZD
Friday08/07/20221 TRY=0.0935 NZD
Monday11/07/20221 TRY=0.0939 NZD
Tuesday12/07/20221 TRY=0.0939 NZD
Wednesday13/07/20221 TRY=0.093 NZD
Thursday14/07/20221 TRY=0.094 NZD
Friday15/07/20221 TRY=0.0934 NZD
Monday18/07/20221 TRY=0.0927 NZD
Tuesday19/07/20221 TRY=0.0913 NZD
Wednesday20/07/20221 TRY=0.0908 NZD
Thursday21/07/20221 TRY=0.0915 NZD
Friday22/07/20221 TRY=0.0899 NZD
Monday25/07/20221 TRY=0.0893 NZD
Tuesday26/07/20221 TRY=0.0898 NZD
Wednesday27/07/20221 TRY=0.0897 NZD
Thursday28/07/20221 TRY=0.0891 NZD
Friday29/07/20221 TRY=0.0892 NZD
Monday01/08/20221 TRY=0.0881 NZD
Tuesday02/08/20221 TRY=0.0886 NZD
Wednesday03/08/20221 TRY=0.0888 NZD
Thursday04/08/20221 TRY=0.0885 NZD
Friday05/08/20221 TRY=0.0884 NZD
Monday08/08/20221 TRY=0.0885 NZD
Tuesday09/08/20221 TRY=0.0889 NZD
Wednesday10/08/20221 TRY=0.088 NZD
Thursday11/08/20221 TRY=0.0865 NZD
Friday12/08/20221 TRY=0.0865 NZD
Monday15/08/20221 TRY=0.0874 NZD
Tuesday16/08/20221 TRY=0.0879 NZD
Wednesday17/08/20221 TRY=0.0886 NZD
Thursday18/08/20221 TRY=0.0877 NZD
Friday19/08/20221 TRY=0.089 NZD
Monday22/08/20221 TRY=0.089 NZD
Tuesday23/08/20221 TRY=0.0894 NZD
Wednesday24/08/20221 TRY=0.089 NZD
Thursday25/08/20221 TRY=0.0883 NZD
Friday26/08/20221 TRY=0.0886 NZD
Monday29/08/20221 TRY=0.0898 NZD
Tuesday30/08/20221 TRY=0.089 NZD
Wednesday31/08/20221 TRY=0.0898 NZD
Thursday01/09/20221 TRY=0.09 NZD
Friday02/09/20221 TRY=0.09 NZD
Monday05/09/20221 TRY=0.0901 NZD
Tuesday06/09/20221 TRY=0.0902 NZD
Wednesday07/09/20221 TRY=0.0913 NZD
Thursday08/09/20221 TRY=0.0904 NZD
Friday09/09/20221 TRY=0.0899 NZD
Monday12/09/20221 TRY=0.0891 NZD
Tuesday13/09/20221 TRY=0.0892 NZD
Wednesday14/09/20221 TRY=0.0914 NZD
Thursday15/09/20221 TRY=0.0915 NZD
Friday16/09/20221 TRY=0.0919 NZD
Monday19/09/20221 TRY=0.0919 NZD
Tuesday20/09/20221 TRY=0.0925 NZD
Wednesday21/09/20221 TRY=0.0928 NZD
Thursday22/09/20221 TRY=0.0927 NZD
Friday23/09/20221 TRY=0.0938 NZD
Monday26/09/20221 TRY=0.0949 NZD
Tuesday27/09/20221 TRY=0.0949 NZD
Wednesday28/09/20221 TRY=0.0959 NZD
Thursday29/09/20221 TRY=0.0947 NZD
Friday30/09/20221 TRY=0.095 NZD
Monday03/10/20221 TRY=0.0953 NZD
Tuesday04/10/20221 TRY=0.0947 NZD
Wednesday05/10/20221 TRY=0.0946 NZD
Thursday06/10/20221 TRY=0.0943 NZD
Friday07/10/20221 TRY=0.0951 NZD
Monday10/10/20221 TRY=0.0964 NZD
Tuesday11/10/20221 TRY=0.0958 NZD
Wednesday12/10/20221 TRY=0.0962 NZD
Thursday13/10/20221 TRY=0.0956 NZD
Friday14/10/20221 TRY=0.0958 NZD
Monday17/10/20221 TRY=0.0961 NZD
Tuesday18/10/20221 TRY=0.0944 NZD
Wednesday19/10/20221 TRY=0.095 NZD
Thursday20/10/20221 TRY=0.0945 NZD
Friday21/10/20221 TRY=0.0959 NZD
Monday24/10/20221 TRY=0.0947 NZD
Tuesday25/10/20221 TRY=0.0944 NZD
Wednesday26/10/20221 TRY=0.0925 NZD
Thursday27/10/20221 TRY=0.0926 NZD
Friday28/10/20221 TRY=0.0926 NZD
Monday31/10/20221 TRY=0.0927 NZD
Tuesday01/11/20221 TRY=0.0911 NZD
Wednesday02/11/20221 TRY=0.0913 NZD
Thursday03/11/20221 TRY=0.0934 NZD
Friday04/11/20221 TRY=0.0912 NZD
Monday07/11/20221 TRY=0.0906 NZD
Tuesday08/11/20221 TRY=0.0907 NZD
Wednesday09/11/20221 TRY=0.0913 NZD
Thursday10/11/20221 TRY=0.0917 NZD
Friday11/11/20221 TRY=0.0892 NZD
Monday14/11/20221 TRY=0.0884 NZD
Tuesday15/11/20221 TRY=0.0874 NZD
Wednesday16/11/20221 TRY=0.0872 NZD
Thursday17/11/20221 TRY=0.0883 NZD
Friday18/11/20221 TRY=0.0868 NZD
Monday21/11/20221 TRY=0.0879 NZD
Tuesday22/11/20221 TRY=0.0874 NZD
Wednesday23/11/20221 TRY=0.0869 NZD
Thursday24/11/20221 TRY=0.0856 NZD
Friday25/11/20221 TRY=0.0861 NZD
Monday28/11/20221 TRY=0.0863 NZD
Tuesday29/11/20221 TRY=0.0862 NZD
Wednesday30/11/20221 TRY=0.086 NZD
Thursday01/12/20221 TRY=0.0844 NZD
Friday02/12/20221 TRY=0.0837 NZD
Minimum: 0.0837 TRYNZD, Maximum: 0.1138 TRYNZD, Average: 0.0968 TRYNZD
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