New Zealand Dollar (NZD) To Turkish Lira (TRY) Currency Exchange Rates History

This page shows the historical data for New Zealand Dollar (NZD) to Turkish Lira (TRY). With the history chart of this currency pairs you can review market history and analyze rate trends. The best NZD to TRY rate over a historical period can be determined using the history chart and prices below;

New Zealand Dollar to Turkish Lira History Graph

To convert New Zealand Dollar to Turkish Lira or determine the New Zealand Dollar Turkish Lira exchange rate simply use the currency converter on this page.
TRY to NZD Historical Exchange Rates

Exchange Rate History For Converting New Zealand Dollar (NZD) to Turkish Lira (TRY)

Historical Date New Zealand Dollar Turkish Lira
Monday03/01/20221 NZD=9.0588 TRY
Tuesday04/01/20221 NZD=9.0772 TRY
Wednesday05/01/20221 NZD=9.1845 TRY
Thursday06/01/20221 NZD=9.283 TRY
Friday07/01/20221 NZD=9.3884 TRY
Monday10/01/20221 NZD=9.3852 TRY
Tuesday11/01/20221 NZD=9.3595 TRY
Wednesday12/01/20221 NZD=9.2995 TRY
Thursday13/01/20221 NZD=9.3411 TRY
Friday14/01/20221 NZD=9.2733 TRY
Monday17/01/20221 NZD=9.1069 TRY
Tuesday18/01/20221 NZD=9.2009 TRY
Wednesday19/01/20221 NZD=9.25 TRY
Thursday20/01/20221 NZD=9.0974 TRY
Friday21/01/20221 NZD=9.0152 TRY
Monday24/01/20221 NZD=8.9652 TRY
Tuesday25/01/20221 NZD=9.0275 TRY
Wednesday26/01/20221 NZD=9.0657 TRY
Thursday27/01/20221 NZD=9.0076 TRY
Friday28/01/20221 NZD=8.897 TRY
Monday31/01/20221 NZD=8.7881 TRY
Tuesday01/02/20221 NZD=8.8419 TRY
Wednesday02/02/20221 NZD=8.9893 TRY
Thursday03/02/20221 NZD=9.0077 TRY
Friday04/02/20221 NZD=8.969 TRY
Monday07/02/20221 NZD=8.9876 TRY
Tuesday08/02/20221 NZD=9.0435 TRY
Wednesday09/02/20221 NZD=9.0918 TRY
Thursday10/02/20221 NZD=9.065 TRY
Friday11/02/20221 NZD=9.0185 TRY
Monday14/02/20221 NZD=8.977 TRY
Tuesday15/02/20221 NZD=9.0294 TRY
Wednesday16/02/20221 NZD=9.048 TRY
Thursday17/02/20221 NZD=9.1473 TRY
Friday18/02/20221 NZD=9.1484 TRY
Monday21/02/20221 NZD=9.1765 TRY
Tuesday22/02/20221 NZD=9.3171 TRY
Wednesday23/02/20221 NZD=9.4129 TRY
Thursday24/02/20221 NZD=9.6164 TRY
Friday25/02/20221 NZD=9.2972 TRY
Monday28/02/20221 NZD=9.2952 TRY
Tuesday01/03/20221 NZD=9.4339 TRY
Wednesday02/03/20221 NZD=9.525 TRY
Thursday03/03/20221 NZD=9.6138 TRY
Friday04/03/20221 NZD=9.7321 TRY
Monday07/03/20221 NZD=9.867 TRY
Tuesday08/03/20221 NZD=9.9146 TRY
Wednesday09/03/20221 NZD=10.0468 TRY
Thursday10/03/20221 NZD=10.2471 TRY
Friday11/03/20221 NZD=10.1285 TRY
Monday14/03/20221 NZD=10.0486 TRY
Tuesday15/03/20221 NZD=9.9308 TRY
Wednesday16/03/20221 NZD=10.0081 TRY
Thursday17/03/20221 NZD=10.1142 TRY
Friday18/03/20221 NZD=10.1794 TRY
Monday21/03/20221 NZD=10.2308 TRY
Tuesday22/03/20221 NZD=10.3023 TRY
Wednesday23/03/20221 NZD=10.31 TRY
Thursday24/03/20221 NZD=10.2997 TRY
Friday25/03/20221 NZD=10.3497 TRY
Monday28/03/20221 NZD=10.2834 TRY
Tuesday29/03/20221 NZD=10.1781 TRY
Wednesday30/03/20221 NZD=10.2467 TRY
Thursday31/03/20221 NZD=10.171 TRY
Friday01/04/20221 NZD=10.2029 TRY
Monday04/04/20221 NZD=10.2023 TRY
Tuesday05/04/20221 NZD=10.3183 TRY
Wednesday06/04/20221 NZD=10.2448 TRY
Thursday07/04/20221 NZD=10.182 TRY
Friday08/04/20221 NZD=10.1122 TRY
Monday11/04/20221 NZD=10.0706 TRY
Tuesday12/04/20221 NZD=10.0478 TRY
Wednesday13/04/20221 NZD=9.8799 TRY
Thursday14/04/20221 NZD=9.9634 TRY
Tuesday19/04/20221 NZD=9.8954 TRY
Wednesday20/04/20221 NZD=9.9682 TRY
Thursday21/04/20221 NZD=9.9664 TRY
Friday22/04/20221 NZD=9.8501 TRY
Monday25/04/20221 NZD=9.7746 TRY
Tuesday26/04/20221 NZD=9.8104 TRY
Wednesday27/04/20221 NZD=9.7241 TRY
Thursday28/04/20221 NZD=9.573 TRY
Friday29/04/20221 NZD=9.7089 TRY
Monday02/05/20221 NZD=9.5799 TRY
Tuesday03/05/20221 NZD=9.5918 TRY
Wednesday04/05/20221 NZD=9.5374 TRY
Thursday05/05/20221 NZD=9.6468 TRY
Friday06/05/20221 NZD=9.6098 TRY
Monday09/05/20221 NZD=9.5866 TRY
Tuesday10/05/20221 NZD=9.6238 TRY
Wednesday11/05/20221 NZD=9.7217 TRY
Thursday12/05/20221 NZD=9.601 TRY
Friday13/05/20221 NZD=9.6656 TRY
Monday16/05/20221 NZD=9.8271 TRY
Tuesday17/05/20221 NZD=10.0299 TRY
Wednesday18/05/20221 NZD=10.1393 TRY
Thursday19/05/20221 NZD=10.1546 TRY
Friday20/05/20221 NZD=10.1748 TRY
Monday23/05/20221 NZD=10.2428 TRY
Tuesday24/05/20221 NZD=10.3696 TRY
Wednesday25/05/20221 NZD=10.5148 TRY
Thursday26/05/20221 NZD=10.607 TRY
Friday27/05/20221 NZD=10.6995 TRY
Monday30/05/20221 NZD=10.7284 TRY
Tuesday31/05/20221 NZD=10.6784 TRY
Wednesday01/06/20221 NZD=10.7266 TRY
Thursday02/06/20221 NZD=10.7271 TRY
Friday03/06/20221 NZD=10.805 TRY
Monday06/06/20221 NZD=10.831 TRY
Tuesday07/06/20221 NZD=10.7696 TRY
Wednesday08/06/20221 NZD=11.0849 TRY
Thursday09/06/20221 NZD=11.1074 TRY
Friday10/06/20221 NZD=10.9315 TRY
Monday13/06/20221 NZD=10.8502 TRY
Tuesday14/06/20221 NZD=10.7726 TRY
Wednesday15/06/20221 NZD=10.8051 TRY
Thursday16/06/20221 NZD=10.8486 TRY
Friday17/06/20221 NZD=10.9328 TRY
Monday20/06/20221 NZD=11.0073 TRY
Tuesday21/06/20221 NZD=10.9835 TRY
Wednesday22/06/20221 NZD=10.8394 TRY
Thursday23/06/20221 NZD=10.898 TRY
Friday24/06/20221 NZD=10.9269 TRY
Monday27/06/20221 NZD=10.4056 TRY
Tuesday28/06/20221 NZD=10.4482 TRY
Wednesday29/06/20221 NZD=10.38 TRY
Thursday30/06/20221 NZD=10.3744 TRY
Friday01/07/20221 NZD=10.3089 TRY
Monday04/07/20221 NZD=10.5123 TRY
Tuesday05/07/20221 NZD=10.4413 TRY
Wednesday06/07/20221 NZD=10.6298 TRY
Thursday07/07/20221 NZD=10.6579 TRY
Friday08/07/20221 NZD=10.6937 TRY
Monday11/07/20221 NZD=10.6544 TRY
Tuesday12/07/20221 NZD=10.644 TRY
Wednesday13/07/20221 NZD=10.7487 TRY
Thursday14/07/20221 NZD=10.6364 TRY
Friday15/07/20221 NZD=10.7123 TRY
Monday18/07/20221 NZD=10.7908 TRY
Tuesday19/07/20221 NZD=10.9495 TRY
Wednesday20/07/20221 NZD=11.009 TRY
Thursday21/07/20221 NZD=10.9333 TRY
Friday22/07/20221 NZD=11.1175 TRY
Monday25/07/20221 NZD=11.1993 TRY
Tuesday26/07/20221 NZD=11.1392 TRY
Wednesday27/07/20221 NZD=11.1509 TRY
Thursday28/07/20221 NZD=11.2232 TRY
Friday29/07/20221 NZD=11.2062 TRY
Monday01/08/20221 NZD=11.3541 TRY
Tuesday02/08/20221 NZD=11.2881 TRY
Wednesday03/08/20221 NZD=11.2601 TRY
Thursday04/08/20221 NZD=11.3053 TRY
Friday05/08/20221 NZD=11.3143 TRY
Monday08/08/20221 NZD=11.304 TRY
Tuesday09/08/20221 NZD=11.2532 TRY
Wednesday10/08/20221 NZD=11.361 TRY
Thursday11/08/20221 NZD=11.5622 TRY
Friday12/08/20221 NZD=11.5638 TRY
Monday15/08/20221 NZD=11.4451 TRY
Tuesday16/08/20221 NZD=11.3752 TRY
Wednesday17/08/20221 NZD=11.2883 TRY
Thursday18/08/20221 NZD=11.407 TRY
Friday19/08/20221 NZD=11.2423 TRY
Monday22/08/20221 NZD=11.2355 TRY
Tuesday23/08/20221 NZD=11.1906 TRY
Wednesday24/08/20221 NZD=11.2365 TRY
Thursday25/08/20221 NZD=11.3188 TRY
Friday26/08/20221 NZD=11.2855 TRY
Monday29/08/20221 NZD=11.1307 TRY
Tuesday30/08/20221 NZD=11.2336 TRY
Wednesday31/08/20221 NZD=11.14 TRY
Thursday01/09/20221 NZD=11.1148 TRY
Friday02/09/20221 NZD=11.1111 TRY
Monday05/09/20221 NZD=11.1013 TRY
Tuesday06/09/20221 NZD=11.085 TRY
Wednesday07/09/20221 NZD=10.9477 TRY
Thursday08/09/20221 NZD=11.0657 TRY
Friday09/09/20221 NZD=11.1245 TRY
Monday12/09/20221 NZD=11.2241 TRY
Tuesday13/09/20221 NZD=11.2059 TRY
Wednesday14/09/20221 NZD=10.9434 TRY
Thursday15/09/20221 NZD=10.9343 TRY
Friday16/09/20221 NZD=10.8764 TRY
Monday19/09/20221 NZD=10.8775 TRY
Tuesday20/09/20221 NZD=10.8117 TRY
Wednesday21/09/20221 NZD=10.775 TRY
Thursday22/09/20221 NZD=10.7822 TRY
Friday23/09/20221 NZD=10.6571 TRY
Monday26/09/20221 NZD=10.5374 TRY
Tuesday27/09/20221 NZD=10.5348 TRY
Wednesday28/09/20221 NZD=10.4309 TRY
Thursday29/09/20221 NZD=10.5558 TRY
Friday30/09/20221 NZD=10.528 TRY
Monday03/10/20221 NZD=10.4946 TRY
Tuesday04/10/20221 NZD=10.5651 TRY
Wednesday05/10/20221 NZD=10.5727 TRY
Thursday06/10/20221 NZD=10.5989 TRY
Friday07/10/20221 NZD=10.5118 TRY
Monday10/10/20221 NZD=10.373 TRY
Tuesday11/10/20221 NZD=10.4394 TRY
Wednesday12/10/20221 NZD=10.3899 TRY
Thursday13/10/20221 NZD=10.4638 TRY
Friday14/10/20221 NZD=10.4332 TRY
Monday17/10/20221 NZD=10.4094 TRY
Tuesday18/10/20221 NZD=10.5978 TRY
Wednesday19/10/20221 NZD=10.5309 TRY
Thursday20/10/20221 NZD=10.5865 TRY
Friday21/10/20221 NZD=10.425 TRY
Monday24/10/20221 NZD=10.5604 TRY
Tuesday25/10/20221 NZD=10.5927 TRY
Wednesday26/10/20221 NZD=10.8153 TRY
Thursday27/10/20221 NZD=10.7944 TRY
Friday28/10/20221 NZD=10.7981 TRY
Monday31/10/20221 NZD=10.7897 TRY
Tuesday01/11/20221 NZD=10.9741 TRY
Wednesday02/11/20221 NZD=10.9539 TRY
Thursday03/11/20221 NZD=10.7024 TRY
Friday04/11/20221 NZD=10.9614 TRY
Monday07/11/20221 NZD=11.0409 TRY
Tuesday08/11/20221 NZD=11.0242 TRY
Wednesday09/11/20221 NZD=10.9534 TRY
Thursday10/11/20221 NZD=10.9037 TRY
Friday11/11/20221 NZD=11.2118 TRY
Monday14/11/20221 NZD=11.3186 TRY
Tuesday15/11/20221 NZD=11.4468 TRY
Wednesday16/11/20221 NZD=11.469 TRY
Thursday17/11/20221 NZD=11.3212 TRY
Friday18/11/20221 NZD=11.5212 TRY
Monday21/11/20221 NZD=11.3817 TRY
Tuesday22/11/20221 NZD=11.4455 TRY
Wednesday23/11/20221 NZD=11.5038 TRY
Thursday24/11/20221 NZD=11.6764 TRY
Friday25/11/20221 NZD=11.617 TRY
Monday28/11/20221 NZD=11.5848 TRY
Tuesday29/11/20221 NZD=11.6023 TRY
Wednesday30/11/20221 NZD=11.6286 TRY
Thursday01/12/20221 NZD=11.8538 TRY
Friday02/12/20221 NZD=11.9411 TRY
Minimum: 8.7881 NZDTRY, Maximum: 11.9411 NZDTRY, Average: 10.3927 NZDTRY
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