Euro (EUR) To Turkish Lira (TRY) Currency Exchange Rates History

This page shows the historical data for Euro (EUR) to Turkish Lira (TRY). With the history chart of this currency pairs you can review market history and analyze rate trends. The best EUR to TRY rate over a historical period can be determined using the history chart and prices below;

Euro to Turkish Lira History Graph

To convert Euro to Turkish Lira or determine the Euro Turkish Lira exchange rate simply use the currency converter on this page.
TRY to EUR Historical Exchange Rates

Exchange Rate History For Converting Euro (EUR) to Turkish Lira (TRY)

Historical Date Euro Turkish Lira
Monday02/01/20231 EUR=20.0039 TRY
Tuesday03/01/20231 EUR=19.7566 TRY
Wednesday04/01/20231 EUR=19.867 TRY
Thursday05/01/20231 EUR=19.8982 TRY
Friday06/01/20231 EUR=19.7065 TRY
Monday09/01/20231 EUR=20.0824 TRY
Tuesday10/01/20231 EUR=20.1356 TRY
Wednesday11/01/20231 EUR=20.1793 TRY
Thursday12/01/20231 EUR=20.2312 TRY
Friday13/01/20231 EUR=20.3196 TRY
Monday16/01/20231 EUR=20.3175 TRY
Tuesday17/01/20231 EUR=20.3762 TRY
Wednesday18/01/20231 EUR=20.3706 TRY
Thursday19/01/20231 EUR=20.3295 TRY
Friday20/01/20231 EUR=20.3566 TRY
Monday23/01/20231 EUR=20.4478 TRY
Tuesday24/01/20231 EUR=20.4234 TRY
Wednesday25/01/20231 EUR=20.4658 TRY
Thursday26/01/20231 EUR=20.4961 TRY
Friday27/01/20231 EUR=20.4365 TRY
Monday30/01/20231 EUR=20.5063 TRY
Tuesday31/01/20231 EUR=20.3787 TRY
Wednesday01/02/20231 EUR=20.4978 TRY
Thursday02/02/20231 EUR=20.6766 TRY
Friday03/02/20231 EUR=20.5806 TRY
Monday06/02/20231 EUR=20.2917 TRY
Tuesday07/02/20231 EUR=20.1478 TRY
Wednesday08/02/20231 EUR=20.2164 TRY
Thursday09/02/20231 EUR=20.2844 TRY
Friday10/02/20231 EUR=20.1357 TRY
Monday13/02/20231 EUR=20.1377 TRY
Tuesday14/02/20231 EUR=20.2779 TRY
Wednesday15/02/20231 EUR=20.1677 TRY
Thursday16/02/20231 EUR=20.1685 TRY
Friday17/02/20231 EUR=20.0478 TRY
Monday20/02/20231 EUR=20.1379 TRY
Tuesday21/02/20231 EUR=20.1223 TRY
Wednesday22/02/20231 EUR=20.0908 TRY
Thursday23/02/20231 EUR=20.0355 TRY
Friday24/02/20231 EUR=19.9565 TRY
Monday27/02/20231 EUR=19.9324 TRY
Tuesday28/02/20231 EUR=20.0556 TRY
Wednesday01/03/20231 EUR=20.1798 TRY
Thursday02/03/20231 EUR=20.0318 TRY
Friday03/03/20231 EUR=20.0628 TRY
Monday06/03/20231 EUR=20.1236 TRY
Tuesday07/03/20231 EUR=20.1736 TRY
Wednesday08/03/20231 EUR=19.9706 TRY
Thursday09/03/20231 EUR=20.0026 TRY
Friday10/03/20231 EUR=20.0737 TRY
Monday13/03/20231 EUR=20.3131 TRY
Tuesday14/03/20231 EUR=20.3732 TRY
Wednesday15/03/20231 EUR=20.0269 TRY
Thursday16/03/20231 EUR=20.1194 TRY
Friday17/03/20231 EUR=20.1859 TRY
Monday20/03/20231 EUR=20.3838 TRY
Tuesday21/03/20231 EUR=20.5035 TRY
Wednesday22/03/20231 EUR=20.5354 TRY
Thursday23/03/20231 EUR=20.7179 TRY
Friday24/03/20231 EUR=20.4882 TRY
Monday27/03/20231 EUR=20.5701 TRY
Tuesday28/03/20231 EUR=20.7153 TRY
Wednesday29/03/20231 EUR=20.75 TRY
Thursday30/03/20231 EUR=20.8653 TRY
Friday31/03/20231 EUR=20.8632 TRY
Monday03/04/20231 EUR=20.8726 TRY
Tuesday04/04/20231 EUR=20.9609 TRY
Wednesday05/04/20231 EUR=21.0619 TRY
Thursday06/04/20231 EUR=21.0195 TRY
Tuesday11/04/20231 EUR=21.0333 TRY
Wednesday12/04/20231 EUR=21.0976 TRY
Thursday13/04/20231 EUR=21.2912 TRY
Friday14/04/20231 EUR=21.4218 TRY
Monday17/04/20231 EUR=21.2835 TRY
Tuesday18/04/20231 EUR=21.2812 TRY
Wednesday19/04/20231 EUR=21.2083 TRY
Thursday20/04/20231 EUR=21.2348 TRY
Friday21/04/20231 EUR=21.2999 TRY
Monday24/04/20231 EUR=21.3507 TRY
Tuesday25/04/20231 EUR=21.4071 TRY
Wednesday26/04/20231 EUR=21.4424 TRY
Thursday27/04/20231 EUR=21.4528 TRY
Friday28/04/20231 EUR=21.3608 TRY
Tuesday02/05/20231 EUR=21.3508 TRY
Wednesday03/05/20231 EUR=21.5057 TRY
Thursday04/05/20231 EUR=21.5825 TRY
Friday05/05/20231 EUR=21.4745 TRY
Monday08/05/20231 EUR=21.5304 TRY
Tuesday09/05/20231 EUR=21.3858 TRY
Wednesday10/05/20231 EUR=21.3974 TRY
Thursday11/05/20231 EUR=21.3781 TRY
Friday12/05/20231 EUR=21.3588 TRY
Monday15/05/20231 EUR=21.3896 TRY
Tuesday16/05/20231 EUR=21.4425 TRY
Wednesday17/05/20231 EUR=21.3965 TRY
Thursday18/05/20231 EUR=21.3964 TRY
Friday19/05/20231 EUR=21.4089 TRY
Monday22/05/20231 EUR=21.4629 TRY
Tuesday23/05/20231 EUR=21.3993 TRY
Wednesday24/05/20231 EUR=21.4487 TRY
Thursday25/05/20231 EUR=21.3944 TRY
Friday26/05/20231 EUR=21.534 TRY
Monday29/05/20231 EUR=21.5394 TRY
Tuesday30/05/20231 EUR=21.9118 TRY
Wednesday31/05/20231 EUR=22.132 TRY
Thursday01/06/20231 EUR=22.252 TRY
Friday02/06/20231 EUR=22.4742 TRY
Monday05/06/20231 EUR=22.6964 TRY
Tuesday06/06/20231 EUR=22.9762 TRY
Wednesday07/06/20231 EUR=24.7925 TRY
Thursday08/06/20231 EUR=25.0875 TRY
Friday09/06/20231 EUR=25.1244 TRY
Monday12/06/20231 EUR=25.3874 TRY
Tuesday13/06/20231 EUR=25.5471 TRY
Wednesday14/06/20231 EUR=25.4895 TRY
Thursday15/06/20231 EUR=25.6112 TRY
Friday16/06/20231 EUR=25.9491 TRY
Monday19/06/20231 EUR=25.825 TRY
Tuesday20/06/20231 EUR=25.7687 TRY
Wednesday21/06/20231 EUR=25.7343 TRY
Thursday22/06/20231 EUR=26.6249 TRY
Friday23/06/20231 EUR=27.4781 TRY
Monday26/06/20231 EUR=28.2813 TRY
Tuesday27/06/20231 EUR=28.5192 TRY
Wednesday28/06/20231 EUR=28.5166 TRY
Thursday29/06/20231 EUR=28.4788 TRY
Friday30/06/20231 EUR=28.3193 TRY
Monday03/07/20231 EUR=28.4225 TRY
Tuesday04/07/20231 EUR=28.3858 TRY
Wednesday05/07/20231 EUR=28.3828 TRY
Thursday06/07/20231 EUR=28.3543 TRY
Friday07/07/20231 EUR=28.383 TRY
Monday10/07/20231 EUR=28.59 TRY
Tuesday11/07/20231 EUR=28.6897 TRY
Wednesday12/07/20231 EUR=28.8159 TRY
Thursday13/07/20231 EUR=29.2478 TRY
Friday14/07/20231 EUR=29.3872 TRY
Monday17/07/20231 EUR=29.5517 TRY
Tuesday18/07/20231 EUR=30.3528 TRY
Wednesday19/07/20231 EUR=30.2231 TRY
Thursday20/07/20231 EUR=30.1351 TRY
Friday21/07/20231 EUR=29.962 TRY
Monday24/07/20231 EUR=29.9078 TRY
Tuesday25/07/20231 EUR=29.7848 TRY
Wednesday26/07/20231 EUR=29.802 TRY
Thursday27/07/20231 EUR=29.9773 TRY
Friday28/07/20231 EUR=29.6771 TRY
Monday31/07/20231 EUR=29.7126 TRY
Tuesday01/08/20231 EUR=29.5808 TRY
Wednesday02/08/20231 EUR=29.6214 TRY
Thursday03/08/20231 EUR=29.4774 TRY
Friday04/08/20231 EUR=29.5436 TRY
Monday07/08/20231 EUR=29.6575 TRY
Tuesday08/08/20231 EUR=29.5716 TRY
Wednesday09/08/20231 EUR=29.6458 TRY
Thursday10/08/20231 EUR=29.7942 TRY
Friday11/08/20231 EUR=29.7632 TRY
Monday14/08/20231 EUR=29.5675 TRY
Tuesday15/08/20231 EUR=29.5648 TRY
Wednesday16/08/20231 EUR=29.5411 TRY
Thursday17/08/20231 EUR=29.5376 TRY
Friday18/08/20231 EUR=29.4535 TRY
Monday21/08/20231 EUR=29.6305 TRY
Tuesday22/08/20231 EUR=29.6136 TRY
Wednesday23/08/20231 EUR=29.408 TRY
Thursday24/08/20231 EUR=28.5509 TRY
Friday25/08/20231 EUR=28.6164 TRY
Monday28/08/20231 EUR=28.7045 TRY
Tuesday29/08/20231 EUR=28.7651 TRY
Wednesday30/08/20231 EUR=29.119 TRY
Thursday31/08/20231 EUR=28.9848 TRY
Friday01/09/20231 EUR=28.9752 TRY
Monday04/09/20231 EUR=28.9242 TRY
Tuesday05/09/20231 EUR=28.7481 TRY
Wednesday06/09/20231 EUR=28.772 TRY
Thursday07/09/20231 EUR=28.7347 TRY
Friday08/09/20231 EUR=28.739 TRY
Monday11/09/20231 EUR=28.8196 TRY
Tuesday12/09/20231 EUR=28.8155 TRY
Wednesday13/09/20231 EUR=28.916 TRY
Thursday14/09/20231 EUR=28.9191 TRY
Friday15/09/20231 EUR=28.7513 TRY
Monday18/09/20231 EUR=28.8108 TRY
Tuesday19/09/20231 EUR=28.9603 TRY
Wednesday20/09/20231 EUR=28.9339 TRY
Thursday21/09/20231 EUR=28.8448 TRY
Friday22/09/20231 EUR=28.9233 TRY
Monday25/09/20231 EUR=28.9312 TRY
Tuesday26/09/20231 EUR=28.919 TRY
Wednesday27/09/20231 EUR=28.7668 TRY
Thursday28/09/20231 EUR=28.8951 TRY
Friday29/09/20231 EUR=29.0514 TRY
Monday02/10/20231 EUR=28.9172 TRY
Tuesday03/10/20231 EUR=28.7892 TRY
Minimum: 19.7065 EURTRY, Maximum: 30.3528 EURTRY, Average: 24.197 EURTRY
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