Swiss Franc (CHF) To Turkish Lira (TRY) Currency Exchange Rates History

This page shows the historical data for Swiss Franc (CHF) to Turkish Lira (TRY). With the history chart of this currency pairs you can review market history and analyze rate trends. The best CHF to TRY rate over a historical period can be determined using the history chart and prices below;

Swiss Franc to Turkish Lira History Graph

To convert Swiss Franc to Turkish Lira or determine the Swiss Franc Turkish Lira exchange rate simply use the currency converter on this page.
TRY to CHF Historical Exchange Rates

Exchange Rate History For Converting Swiss Franc (CHF) to Turkish Lira (TRY)

Historical Date Swiss Franc Turkish Lira
Monday03/01/20221 CHF=14.5415 TRY
Tuesday04/01/20221 CHF=14.6097 TRY
Wednesday05/01/20221 CHF=14.7088 TRY
Thursday06/01/20221 CHF=14.9611 TRY
Friday07/01/20221 CHF=15.0865 TRY
Monday10/01/20221 CHF=15.0519 TRY
Tuesday11/01/20221 CHF=14.9482 TRY
Wednesday12/01/20221 CHF=14.8783 TRY
Thursday13/01/20221 CHF=14.9019 TRY
Friday14/01/20221 CHF=14.8898 TRY
Monday17/01/20221 CHF=14.6397 TRY
Tuesday18/01/20221 CHF=14.8408 TRY
Wednesday19/01/20221 CHF=14.8627 TRY
Thursday20/01/20221 CHF=14.6606 TRY
Friday21/01/20221 CHF=14.7017 TRY
Monday24/01/20221 CHF=14.6985 TRY
Tuesday25/01/20221 CHF=14.7313 TRY
Wednesday26/01/20221 CHF=14.7217 TRY
Thursday27/01/20221 CHF=14.6261 TRY
Friday28/01/20221 CHF=14.6 TRY
Monday31/01/20221 CHF=14.3463 TRY
Tuesday01/02/20221 CHF=14.5166 TRY
Wednesday02/02/20221 CHF=14.7034 TRY
Thursday03/02/20221 CHF=14.7152 TRY
Friday04/02/20221 CHF=14.6713 TRY
Monday07/02/20221 CHF=14.6894 TRY
Tuesday08/02/20221 CHF=14.7481 TRY
Wednesday09/02/20221 CHF=14.7341 TRY
Thursday10/02/20221 CHF=14.644 TRY
Friday11/02/20221 CHF=14.5948 TRY
Monday14/02/20221 CHF=14.6682 TRY
Tuesday15/02/20221 CHF=14.7663 TRY
Wednesday16/02/20221 CHF=14.7198 TRY
Thursday17/02/20221 CHF=14.814 TRY
Friday18/02/20221 CHF=14.7883 TRY
Monday21/02/20221 CHF=14.9025 TRY
Tuesday22/02/20221 CHF=15.0628 TRY
Wednesday23/02/20221 CHF=15.0502 TRY
Thursday24/02/20221 CHF=15.5538 TRY
Friday25/02/20221 CHF=14.887 TRY
Monday28/02/20221 CHF=14.9536 TRY
Tuesday01/03/20221 CHF=15.1773 TRY
Wednesday02/03/20221 CHF=15.2953 TRY
Thursday03/03/20221 CHF=15.4035 TRY
Friday04/03/20221 CHF=15.4891 TRY
Monday07/03/20221 CHF=15.5415 TRY
Tuesday08/03/20221 CHF=15.6487 TRY
Wednesday09/03/20221 CHF=15.8161 TRY
Thursday10/03/20221 CHF=16.1476 TRY
Friday11/03/20221 CHF=15.8943 TRY
Monday14/03/20221 CHF=15.8136 TRY
Tuesday15/03/20221 CHF=15.6006 TRY
Wednesday16/03/20221 CHF=15.6553 TRY
Thursday17/03/20221 CHF=15.708 TRY
Friday18/03/20221 CHF=15.8173 TRY
Monday21/03/20221 CHF=15.9247 TRY
Tuesday22/03/20221 CHF=15.902 TRY
Wednesday23/03/20221 CHF=15.8858 TRY
Thursday24/03/20221 CHF=15.9283 TRY
Friday25/03/20221 CHF=16.0082 TRY
Monday28/03/20221 CHF=15.8779 TRY
Tuesday29/03/20221 CHF=15.7696 TRY
Wednesday30/03/20221 CHF=15.8497 TRY
Thursday31/03/20221 CHF=15.8632 TRY
Friday01/04/20221 CHF=15.8896 TRY
Monday04/04/20221 CHF=15.8592 TRY
Tuesday05/04/20221 CHF=15.9305 TRY
Wednesday06/04/20221 CHF=15.8068 TRY
Thursday07/04/20221 CHF=15.81 TRY
Friday08/04/20221 CHF=15.7804 TRY
Monday11/04/20221 CHF=15.7673 TRY
Tuesday12/04/20221 CHF=15.7432 TRY
Wednesday13/04/20221 CHF=15.6161 TRY
Thursday14/04/20221 CHF=15.6041 TRY
Tuesday19/04/20221 CHF=15.5246 TRY
Wednesday20/04/20221 CHF=15.504 TRY
Thursday21/04/20221 CHF=15.4816 TRY
Friday22/04/20221 CHF=15.4306 TRY
Monday25/04/20221 CHF=15.4603 TRY
Tuesday26/04/20221 CHF=15.4439 TRY
Wednesday27/04/20221 CHF=15.3229 TRY
Thursday28/04/20221 CHF=15.2003 TRY
Friday29/04/20221 CHF=15.2989 TRY
Monday02/05/20221 CHF=15.2868 TRY
Tuesday03/05/20221 CHF=15.2826 TRY
Wednesday04/05/20221 CHF=15.0872 TRY
Thursday05/05/20221 CHF=15.1601 TRY
Friday06/05/20221 CHF=15.1627 TRY
Monday09/05/20221 CHF=15.1955 TRY
Tuesday10/05/20221 CHF=15.3424 TRY
Wednesday11/05/20221 CHF=15.4903 TRY
Thursday12/05/20221 CHF=15.4439 TRY
Friday13/05/20221 CHF=15.4807 TRY
Monday16/05/20221 CHF=15.5677 TRY
Tuesday17/05/20221 CHF=15.8854 TRY
Wednesday18/05/20221 CHF=16.0017 TRY
Thursday19/05/20221 CHF=16.3731 TRY
Friday20/05/20221 CHF=16.3496 TRY
Monday23/05/20221 CHF=16.3558 TRY
Tuesday24/05/20221 CHF=16.7133 TRY
Wednesday25/05/20221 CHF=16.9357 TRY
Thursday26/05/20221 CHF=17.0614 TRY
Friday27/05/20221 CHF=17.1318 TRY
Monday30/05/20221 CHF=17.0776 TRY
Tuesday31/05/20221 CHF=17.0949 TRY
Wednesday01/06/20221 CHF=17.1146 TRY
Thursday02/06/20221 CHF=17.1532 TRY
Friday03/06/20221 CHF=17.2216 TRY
Monday06/06/20221 CHF=17.242 TRY
Tuesday07/06/20221 CHF=17.1321 TRY
Wednesday08/06/20221 CHF=17.5959 TRY
Thursday09/06/20221 CHF=17.6444 TRY
Friday10/06/20221 CHF=17.3189 TRY
Monday13/06/20221 CHF=17.3989 TRY
Tuesday14/06/20221 CHF=17.3664 TRY
Wednesday15/06/20221 CHF=17.2978 TRY
Thursday16/06/20221 CHF=17.7658 TRY
Friday17/06/20221 CHF=17.9601 TRY
Monday20/06/20221 CHF=17.9253 TRY
Tuesday21/06/20221 CHF=17.9304 TRY
Wednesday22/06/20221 CHF=17.9726 TRY
Thursday23/06/20221 CHF=17.9818 TRY
Friday24/06/20221 CHF=18.1517 TRY
Monday27/06/20221 CHF=17.236 TRY
Tuesday28/06/20221 CHF=17.3989 TRY
Wednesday29/06/20221 CHF=17.5044 TRY
Thursday30/06/20221 CHF=17.4003 TRY
Friday01/07/20221 CHF=17.4049 TRY
Minimum: 14.3463 CHFTRY, Maximum: 18.1517 CHFTRY, Average: 15.7756 CHFTRY
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