South African Rand (ZAR) To Turkish Lira (TRY) Currency Exchange Rates History

This page shows the historical data for South African Rand (ZAR) to Turkish Lira (TRY). With the history chart of this currency pairs you can review market history and analyze rate trends. The best ZAR to TRY rate over a historical period can be determined using the history chart and prices below;

South African Rand to Turkish Lira History Graph

To convert South African Rand to Turkish Lira or determine the South African Rand Turkish Lira exchange rate simply use the currency converter on this page.
TRY to ZAR Historical Exchange Rates

Exchange Rate History For Converting South African Rand (ZAR) to Turkish Lira (TRY)

Historical Date South African Rand Turkish Lira
Tuesday02/01/20181 ZAR=0.3042 TRY
Wednesday03/01/20181 ZAR=0.3045 TRY
Thursday04/01/20181 ZAR=0.3058 TRY
Friday05/01/20181 ZAR=0.3032 TRY
Monday08/01/20181 ZAR=0.3012 TRY
Tuesday09/01/20181 ZAR=0.3045 TRY
Wednesday10/01/20181 ZAR=0.3052 TRY
Thursday11/01/20181 ZAR=0.3049 TRY
Friday12/01/20181 ZAR=0.3031 TRY
Monday15/01/20181 ZAR=0.3075 TRY
Tuesday16/01/20181 ZAR=0.3098 TRY
Wednesday17/01/20181 ZAR=0.3098 TRY
Thursday18/01/20181 ZAR=0.3094 TRY
Friday19/01/20181 ZAR=0.3115 TRY
Monday22/01/20181 ZAR=0.3142 TRY
Tuesday23/01/20181 ZAR=0.3116 TRY
Wednesday24/01/20181 ZAR=0.3131 TRY
Thursday25/01/20181 ZAR=0.3142 TRY
Friday26/01/20181 ZAR=0.3153 TRY
Monday29/01/20181 ZAR=0.3156 TRY
Tuesday30/01/20181 ZAR=0.3166 TRY
Wednesday31/01/20181 ZAR=0.3159 TRY
Thursday01/02/20181 ZAR=0.3151 TRY
Friday02/02/20181 ZAR=0.3131 TRY
Monday05/02/20181 ZAR=0.3124 TRY
Tuesday06/02/20181 ZAR=0.3134 TRY
Wednesday07/02/20181 ZAR=0.3161 TRY
Thursday08/02/20181 ZAR=0.3157 TRY
Friday09/02/20181 ZAR=0.3156 TRY
Monday12/02/20181 ZAR=0.3181 TRY
Tuesday13/02/20181 ZAR=0.3172 TRY
Wednesday14/02/20181 ZAR=0.3214 TRY
Thursday15/02/20181 ZAR=0.3231 TRY
Friday16/02/20181 ZAR=0.3219 TRY
Monday19/02/20181 ZAR=0.3218 TRY
Tuesday20/02/20181 ZAR=0.3214 TRY
Wednesday21/02/20181 ZAR=0.3251 TRY
Thursday22/02/20181 ZAR=0.3242 TRY
Friday23/02/20181 ZAR=0.3274 TRY
Monday26/02/20181 ZAR=0.326 TRY
Tuesday27/02/20181 ZAR=0.3249 TRY
Wednesday28/02/20181 ZAR=0.3233 TRY
Thursday01/03/20181 ZAR=0.3199 TRY
Friday02/03/20181 ZAR=0.3195 TRY
Monday05/03/20181 ZAR=0.3211 TRY
Tuesday06/03/20181 ZAR=0.3235 TRY
Wednesday07/03/20181 ZAR=0.3192 TRY
Thursday08/03/20181 ZAR=0.3204 TRY
Friday09/03/20181 ZAR=0.3211 TRY
Monday12/03/20181 ZAR=0.3239 TRY
Tuesday13/03/20181 ZAR=0.3281 TRY
Wednesday14/03/20181 ZAR=0.3292 TRY
Thursday15/03/20181 ZAR=0.3285 TRY
Friday16/03/20181 ZAR=0.3279 TRY
Monday19/03/20181 ZAR=0.3265 TRY
Tuesday20/03/20181 ZAR=0.3285 TRY
Wednesday21/03/20181 ZAR=0.3283 TRY
Thursday22/03/20181 ZAR=0.3319 TRY
Friday23/03/20181 ZAR=0.3368 TRY
Monday26/03/20181 ZAR=0.3412 TRY
Tuesday27/03/20181 ZAR=0.3421 TRY
Wednesday28/03/20181 ZAR=0.3419 TRY
Thursday29/03/20181 ZAR=0.335 TRY
Tuesday03/04/20181 ZAR=0.3364 TRY
Wednesday04/04/20181 ZAR=0.3365 TRY
Thursday05/04/20181 ZAR=0.3389 TRY
Friday06/04/20181 ZAR=0.3361 TRY
Monday09/04/20181 ZAR=0.3352 TRY
Tuesday10/04/20181 ZAR=0.3397 TRY
Wednesday11/04/20181 ZAR=0.3463 TRY
Thursday12/04/20181 ZAR=0.3412 TRY
Friday13/04/20181 ZAR=0.3397 TRY
Monday16/04/20181 ZAR=0.3399 TRY
Tuesday17/04/20181 ZAR=0.3415 TRY
Wednesday18/04/20181 ZAR=0.3423 TRY
Thursday19/04/20181 ZAR=0.3373 TRY
Friday20/04/20181 ZAR=0.3367 TRY
Monday23/04/20181 ZAR=0.3345 TRY
Tuesday24/04/20181 ZAR=0.3318 TRY
Wednesday25/04/20181 ZAR=0.328 TRY
Thursday26/04/20181 ZAR=0.3284 TRY
Friday27/04/20181 ZAR=0.3265 TRY
Monday30/04/20181 ZAR=0.3257 TRY
Wednesday02/05/20181 ZAR=0.3292 TRY
Thursday03/05/20181 ZAR=0.3328 TRY
Friday04/05/20181 ZAR=0.3374 TRY
Monday07/05/20181 ZAR=0.3396 TRY
Tuesday08/05/20181 ZAR=0.3416 TRY
Wednesday09/05/20181 ZAR=0.3404 TRY
Thursday10/05/20181 ZAR=0.3429 TRY
Friday11/05/20181 ZAR=0.3485 TRY
Monday14/05/20181 ZAR=0.3525 TRY
Tuesday15/05/20181 ZAR=0.3553 TRY
Wednesday16/05/20181 ZAR=0.3537 TRY
Thursday17/05/20181 ZAR=0.3549 TRY
Friday18/05/20181 ZAR=0.3527 TRY
Monday21/05/20181 ZAR=0.3571 TRY
Tuesday22/05/20181 ZAR=0.3698 TRY
Wednesday23/05/20181 ZAR=0.3853 TRY
Thursday24/05/20181 ZAR=0.3823 TRY
Friday25/05/20181 ZAR=0.3778 TRY
Monday28/05/20181 ZAR=0.369 TRY
Tuesday29/05/20181 ZAR=0.3643 TRY
Wednesday30/05/20181 ZAR=0.3544 TRY
Thursday31/05/20181 ZAR=0.3579 TRY
Friday01/06/20181 ZAR=0.3639 TRY
Monday04/06/20181 ZAR=0.3686 TRY
Tuesday05/06/20181 ZAR=0.3635 TRY
Wednesday06/06/20181 ZAR=0.3597 TRY
Thursday07/06/20181 ZAR=0.3497 TRY
Friday08/06/20181 ZAR=0.3432 TRY
Monday11/06/20181 ZAR=0.3438 TRY
Tuesday12/06/20181 ZAR=0.3462 TRY
Wednesday13/06/20181 ZAR=0.3501 TRY
Thursday14/06/20181 ZAR=0.3532 TRY
Friday15/06/20181 ZAR=0.351 TRY
Monday18/06/20181 ZAR=0.3509 TRY
Tuesday19/06/20181 ZAR=0.3436 TRY
Wednesday20/06/20181 ZAR=0.3467 TRY
Thursday21/06/20181 ZAR=0.3478 TRY
Friday22/06/20181 ZAR=0.3475 TRY
Monday25/06/20181 ZAR=0.3448 TRY
Tuesday26/06/20181 ZAR=0.3416 TRY
Wednesday27/06/20181 ZAR=0.3378 TRY
Thursday28/06/20181 ZAR=0.3321 TRY
Friday29/06/20181 ZAR=0.3326 TRY
Monday02/07/20181 ZAR=0.3342 TRY
Tuesday03/07/20181 ZAR=0.3408 TRY
Wednesday04/07/20181 ZAR=0.3425 TRY
Thursday05/07/20181 ZAR=0.3402 TRY
Friday06/07/20181 ZAR=0.3387 TRY
Monday09/07/20181 ZAR=0.3392 TRY
Tuesday10/07/20181 ZAR=0.3502 TRY
Wednesday11/07/20181 ZAR=0.3547 TRY
Thursday12/07/20181 ZAR=0.3602 TRY
Friday13/07/20181 ZAR=0.3636 TRY
Monday16/07/20181 ZAR=0.368 TRY
Tuesday17/07/20181 ZAR=0.3647 TRY
Wednesday18/07/20181 ZAR=0.362 TRY
Thursday19/07/20181 ZAR=0.3587 TRY
Friday20/07/20181 ZAR=0.3559 TRY
Monday23/07/20181 ZAR=0.3515 TRY
Tuesday24/07/20181 ZAR=0.3657 TRY
Wednesday25/07/20181 ZAR=0.3665 TRY
Thursday26/07/20181 ZAR=0.3653 TRY
Friday27/07/20181 ZAR=0.3681 TRY
Monday30/07/20181 ZAR=0.3704 TRY
Tuesday31/07/20181 ZAR=0.3731 TRY
Wednesday01/08/20181 ZAR=0.372 TRY
Thursday02/08/20181 ZAR=0.3758 TRY
Friday03/08/20181 ZAR=0.3809 TRY
Monday06/08/20181 ZAR=0.3846 TRY
Tuesday07/08/20181 ZAR=0.3989 TRY
Wednesday08/08/20181 ZAR=0.394 TRY
Thursday09/08/20181 ZAR=0.4004 TRY
Friday10/08/20181 ZAR=0.4352 TRY
Monday13/08/20181 ZAR=0.4799 TRY
Tuesday14/08/20181 ZAR=0.4591 TRY
Wednesday15/08/20181 ZAR=0.4185 TRY
Thursday16/08/20181 ZAR=0.4001 TRY
Friday17/08/20181 ZAR=0.4132 TRY
Monday20/08/20181 ZAR=0.4193 TRY
Tuesday21/08/20181 ZAR=0.4254 TRY
Wednesday22/08/20181 ZAR=0.4226 TRY
Thursday23/08/20181 ZAR=0.4266 TRY
Friday24/08/20181 ZAR=0.4256 TRY
Monday27/08/20181 ZAR=0.4333 TRY
Tuesday28/08/20181 ZAR=0.4421 TRY
Wednesday29/08/20181 ZAR=0.4477 TRY
Thursday30/08/20181 ZAR=0.4619 TRY
Friday31/08/20181 ZAR=0.4446 TRY
Monday03/09/20181 ZAR=0.4464 TRY
Tuesday04/09/20181 ZAR=0.4383 TRY
Wednesday05/09/20181 ZAR=0.4293 TRY
Thursday06/09/20181 ZAR=0.4279 TRY
Minimum: 0.3012 ZARTRY, Maximum: 0.4799 ZARTRY, Average: 0.3495 ZARTRY
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