US Dollar (USD) To Turkish Lira (TRY) Currency Exchange Rates History

This page shows the historical data for US Dollar (USD) to Turkish Lira (TRY). With the history chart of this currency pairs you can review market history and analyze rate trends. The best USD to TRY rate over a historical period can be determined using the history chart and prices below;

US Dollar to Turkish Lira History Graph

To convert US Dollar to Turkish Lira or determine the US Dollar Turkish Lira exchange rate simply use the currency converter on this page.
TRY to USD Historical Exchange Rates

Exchange Rate History For Converting US Dollar (USD) to Turkish Lira (TRY)

Historical Date US Dollar Turkish Lira
Monday04/01/20211 USD=7.3668 TRY
Tuesday05/01/20211 USD=7.388 TRY
Wednesday06/01/20211 USD=7.3415 TRY
Thursday07/01/20211 USD=7.3321 TRY
Friday08/01/20211 USD=7.3607 TRY
Monday11/01/20211 USD=7.4475 TRY
Tuesday12/01/20211 USD=7.4891 TRY
Wednesday13/01/20211 USD=7.4389 TRY
Thursday14/01/20211 USD=7.3841 TRY
Friday15/01/20211 USD=7.4382 TRY
Monday18/01/20211 USD=7.5082 TRY
Tuesday19/01/20211 USD=7.4395 TRY
Wednesday20/01/20211 USD=7.445 TRY
Thursday21/01/20211 USD=7.3635 TRY
Friday22/01/20211 USD=7.4166 TRY
Monday25/01/20211 USD=7.3935 TRY
Tuesday26/01/20211 USD=7.3527 TRY
Wednesday27/01/20211 USD=7.3903 TRY
Thursday28/01/20211 USD=7.3848 TRY
Friday29/01/20211 USD=7.3179 TRY
Monday01/02/20211 USD=7.1894 TRY
Tuesday02/02/20211 USD=7.195 TRY
Wednesday03/02/20211 USD=7.168 TRY
Thursday04/02/20211 USD=7.1248 TRY
Friday05/02/20211 USD=7.072 TRY
Monday08/02/20211 USD=7.0956 TRY
Tuesday09/02/20211 USD=7.0979 TRY
Wednesday10/02/20211 USD=7.0479 TRY
Thursday11/02/20211 USD=7.0179 TRY
Friday12/02/20211 USD=7.023 TRY
Monday15/02/20211 USD=6.9578 TRY
Tuesday16/02/20211 USD=6.9729 TRY
Wednesday17/02/20211 USD=6.9916 TRY
Thursday18/02/20211 USD=6.9479 TRY
Friday19/02/20211 USD=6.9578 TRY
Monday22/02/20211 USD=7.0626 TRY
Tuesday23/02/20211 USD=7.0566 TRY
Wednesday24/02/20211 USD=7.1716 TRY
Thursday25/02/20211 USD=7.2261 TRY
Friday26/02/20211 USD=7.4391 TRY
Monday01/03/20211 USD=7.2337 TRY
Tuesday02/03/20211 USD=7.3316 TRY
Wednesday03/03/20211 USD=7.3909 TRY
Thursday04/03/20211 USD=7.4529 TRY
Friday05/03/20211 USD=7.4996 TRY
Monday08/03/20211 USD=7.6749 TRY
Tuesday09/03/20211 USD=7.6506 TRY
Wednesday10/03/20211 USD=7.5894 TRY
Thursday11/03/20211 USD=7.4399 TRY
Friday12/03/20211 USD=7.5769 TRY
Monday15/03/20211 USD=7.5373 TRY
Tuesday16/03/20211 USD=7.4933 TRY
Wednesday17/03/20211 USD=7.5184 TRY
Thursday18/03/20211 USD=7.364 TRY
Friday19/03/20211 USD=7.2625 TRY
Monday22/03/20211 USD=7.8881 TRY
Tuesday23/03/20211 USD=7.8792 TRY
Wednesday24/03/20211 USD=7.9483 TRY
Thursday25/03/20211 USD=7.9934 TRY
Friday26/03/20211 USD=8.0227 TRY
Monday29/03/20211 USD=8.1675 TRY
Tuesday30/03/20211 USD=8.3337 TRY
Wednesday31/03/20211 USD=8.2967 TRY
Thursday01/04/20211 USD=8.163 TRY
Tuesday06/04/20211 USD=8.1482 TRY
Wednesday07/04/20211 USD=8.1778 TRY
Thursday08/04/20211 USD=8.153 TRY
Friday09/04/20211 USD=8.1512 TRY
Monday12/04/20211 USD=8.1484 TRY
Tuesday13/04/20211 USD=8.1453 TRY
Wednesday14/04/20211 USD=8.091 TRY
Thursday15/04/20211 USD=8.1107 TRY
Friday16/04/20211 USD=8.0687 TRY
Monday19/04/20211 USD=8.0748 TRY
Tuesday20/04/20211 USD=8.1114 TRY
Wednesday21/04/20211 USD=8.1727 TRY
Thursday22/04/20211 USD=8.2689 TRY
Friday23/04/20211 USD=8.338 TRY
Monday26/04/20211 USD=8.3082 TRY
Tuesday27/04/20211 USD=8.2073 TRY
Wednesday28/04/20211 USD=8.1787 TRY
Thursday29/04/20211 USD=8.2203 TRY
Friday30/04/20211 USD=8.2605 TRY
Monday03/05/20211 USD=8.3113 TRY
Tuesday04/05/20211 USD=8.3273 TRY
Wednesday05/05/20211 USD=8.3467 TRY
Thursday06/05/20211 USD=8.3337 TRY
Friday07/05/20211 USD=8.293 TRY
Monday10/05/20211 USD=8.2593 TRY
Tuesday11/05/20211 USD=8.2833 TRY
Wednesday12/05/20211 USD=8.3438 TRY
Thursday13/05/20211 USD=8.4979 TRY
Friday14/05/20211 USD=8.4259 TRY
Monday17/05/20211 USD=8.3689 TRY
Tuesday18/05/20211 USD=8.3405 TRY
Wednesday19/05/20211 USD=8.4249 TRY
Thursday20/05/20211 USD=8.3708 TRY
Friday21/05/20211 USD=8.381 TRY
Monday24/05/20211 USD=8.3904 TRY
Tuesday25/05/20211 USD=8.4149 TRY
Wednesday26/05/20211 USD=8.4473 TRY
Thursday27/05/20211 USD=8.4428 TRY
Friday28/05/20211 USD=8.5971 TRY
Monday31/05/20211 USD=8.5021 TRY
Tuesday01/06/20211 USD=8.5208 TRY
Wednesday02/06/20211 USD=8.5837 TRY
Thursday03/06/20211 USD=8.6642 TRY
Friday04/06/20211 USD=8.6782 TRY
Monday07/06/20211 USD=8.6275 TRY
Tuesday08/06/20211 USD=8.5958 TRY
Wednesday09/06/20211 USD=8.5774 TRY
Thursday10/06/20211 USD=8.4855 TRY
Friday11/06/20211 USD=8.4067 TRY
Monday14/06/20211 USD=8.3732 TRY
Tuesday15/06/20211 USD=8.5585 TRY
Wednesday16/06/20211 USD=8.5472 TRY
Thursday17/06/20211 USD=8.6361 TRY
Friday18/06/20211 USD=8.6918 TRY
Monday21/06/20211 USD=8.7879 TRY
Tuesday22/06/20211 USD=8.6949 TRY
Wednesday23/06/20211 USD=8.6446 TRY
Thursday24/06/20211 USD=8.6999 TRY
Friday25/06/20211 USD=8.6895 TRY
Monday28/06/20211 USD=8.7458 TRY
Tuesday29/06/20211 USD=8.7171 TRY
Wednesday30/06/20211 USD=8.6842 TRY
Thursday01/07/20211 USD=8.6932 TRY
Friday02/07/20211 USD=8.6927 TRY
Monday05/07/20211 USD=8.6698 TRY
Tuesday06/07/20211 USD=8.6636 TRY
Wednesday07/07/20211 USD=8.6687 TRY
Thursday08/07/20211 USD=8.6903 TRY
Friday09/07/20211 USD=8.667 TRY
Monday12/07/20211 USD=8.6356 TRY
Tuesday13/07/20211 USD=8.589 TRY
Wednesday14/07/20211 USD=8.5949 TRY
Thursday15/07/20211 USD=8.5535 TRY
Friday16/07/20211 USD=8.5156 TRY
Monday19/07/20211 USD=8.5935 TRY
Tuesday20/07/20211 USD=8.5529 TRY
Wednesday21/07/20211 USD=8.5895 TRY
Thursday22/07/20211 USD=8.5529 TRY
Friday23/07/20211 USD=8.5493 TRY
Monday26/07/20211 USD=8.5697 TRY
Tuesday27/07/20211 USD=8.5612 TRY
Wednesday28/07/20211 USD=8.5556 TRY
Thursday29/07/20211 USD=8.4899 TRY
Friday30/07/20211 USD=8.41 TRY
Monday02/08/20211 USD=8.3462 TRY
Tuesday03/08/20211 USD=8.3805 TRY
Wednesday04/08/20211 USD=8.4394 TRY
Minimum: 6.9479 USDTRY, Maximum: 8.7879 USDTRY, Average: 8.0119 USDTRY
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