Turkish Lira (TRY) To Thai Baht (THB) Currency Exchange Rates History

This page shows the historical data for Turkish Lira (TRY) to Thai Baht (THB). With the history chart of this currency pairs you can review market history and analyze rate trends. The best TRY to THB rate over a historical period can be determined using the history chart and prices below;

Turkish Lira to Thai Baht History Graph

To convert Turkish Lira to Thai Baht or determine the Turkish Lira Thai Baht exchange rate simply use the currency converter on this page.
THB to TRY Historical Exchange Rates

Exchange Rate History For Converting Turkish Lira (TRY) to Thai Baht (THB)

Historical Date Turkish Lira Thai Baht
Tuesday02/01/20181 TRY=8.6172 THB
Wednesday03/01/20181 TRY=8.6211 THB
Thursday04/01/20181 TRY=8.5759 THB
Friday05/01/20181 TRY=8.5891 THB
Monday08/01/20181 TRY=8.6023 THB
Tuesday09/01/20181 TRY=8.5769 THB
Wednesday10/01/20181 TRY=8.4423 THB
Thursday11/01/20181 TRY=8.4269 THB
Friday12/01/20181 TRY=8.5039 THB
Monday15/01/20181 TRY=8.4431 THB
Tuesday16/01/20181 TRY=8.4102 THB
Wednesday17/01/20181 TRY=8.3711 THB
Thursday18/01/20181 TRY=8.4219 THB
Friday19/01/20181 TRY=8.3906 THB
Monday22/01/20181 TRY=8.3906 THB
Tuesday23/01/20181 TRY=8.4375 THB
Wednesday24/01/20181 TRY=8.4453 THB
Thursday25/01/20181 TRY=8.3852 THB
Friday26/01/20181 TRY=8.375 THB
Monday29/01/20181 TRY=8.323 THB
Tuesday30/01/20181 TRY=8.3398 THB
Wednesday31/01/20181 TRY=8.3594 THB
Thursday01/02/20181 TRY=8.3672 THB
Friday02/02/20181 TRY=8.3804 THB
Monday05/02/20181 TRY=8.3843 THB
Tuesday06/02/20181 TRY=8.3424 THB
Wednesday07/02/20181 TRY=8.3346 THB
Thursday08/02/20181 TRY=8.3633 THB
Friday09/02/20181 TRY=8.3164 THB
Monday12/02/20181 TRY=8.3424 THB
Tuesday13/02/20181 TRY=8.3035 THB
Wednesday14/02/20181 TRY=8.2597 THB
Thursday15/02/20181 TRY=8.3047 THB
Friday16/02/20181 TRY=8.3477 THB
Monday19/02/20181 TRY=8.3541 THB
Tuesday20/02/20181 TRY=8.3541 THB
Wednesday21/02/20181 TRY=8.3101 THB
Thursday22/02/20181 TRY=8.3101 THB
Friday23/02/20181 TRY=8.2896 THB
Monday26/02/20181 TRY=8.2896 THB
Tuesday27/02/20181 TRY=8.2819 THB
Wednesday28/02/20181 TRY=8.2808 THB
Thursday01/03/20181 TRY=8.2846 THB
Friday02/03/20181 TRY=8.2481 THB
Monday05/03/20181 TRY=8.2239 THB
Tuesday06/03/20181 TRY=8.2763 THB
Wednesday07/03/20181 TRY=8.2529 THB
Thursday08/03/20181 TRY=8.2218 THB
Friday09/03/20181 TRY=8.2239 THB
Monday12/03/20181 TRY=8.1776 THB
Tuesday13/03/20181 TRY=8.0734 THB
Wednesday14/03/20181 TRY=8.0269 THB
Thursday15/03/20181 TRY=7.9962 THB
Friday16/03/20181 TRY=7.9579 THB
Monday19/03/20181 TRY=7.9154 THB
Tuesday20/03/20181 TRY=7.9425 THB
Wednesday21/03/20181 TRY=7.9234 THB
Thursday22/03/20181 TRY=7.95 THB
Friday23/03/20181 TRY=7.8692 THB
Monday26/03/20181 TRY=7.8069 THB
Tuesday27/03/20181 TRY=7.8108 THB
Wednesday28/03/20181 TRY=7.8217 THB
Thursday29/03/20181 TRY=7.8538 THB
Tuesday03/04/20181 TRY=7.8238 THB
Wednesday04/04/20181 TRY=7.7778 THB
Thursday05/04/20181 TRY=7.7318 THB
Friday06/04/20181 TRY=7.7165 THB
Monday09/04/20181 TRY=7.6885 THB
Tuesday10/04/20181 TRY=7.6255 THB
Wednesday11/04/20181 TRY=7.4479 THB
Thursday12/04/20181 TRY=7.6192 THB
Friday13/04/20181 TRY=7.6015 THB
Monday16/04/20181 TRY=7.5985 THB
Tuesday17/04/20181 TRY=7.61 THB
Wednesday18/04/20181 TRY=7.6434 THB
Thursday19/04/20181 TRY=7.749 THB
Friday20/04/20181 TRY=7.7529 THB
Monday23/04/20181 TRY=7.7104 THB
Tuesday24/04/20181 TRY=7.6962 THB
Wednesday25/04/20181 TRY=7.6923 THB
Thursday26/04/20181 TRY=7.7654 THB
Friday27/04/20181 TRY=7.8092 THB
Monday30/04/20181 TRY=7.8053 THB
Wednesday02/05/20181 TRY=7.635 THB
Thursday03/05/20181 TRY=7.5227 THB
Friday04/05/20181 TRY=7.4601 THB
Monday07/05/20181 TRY=7.4508 THB
Tuesday08/05/20181 TRY=7.4394 THB
Wednesday09/05/20181 TRY=7.4829 THB
Thursday10/05/20181 TRY=7.5399 THB
Friday11/05/20181 TRY=7.4525 THB
Monday14/05/20181 TRY=7.374 THB
Tuesday15/05/20181 TRY=7.2129 THB
Wednesday16/05/20181 TRY=7.2614 THB
Thursday17/05/20181 TRY=7.2159 THB
Friday18/05/20181 TRY=7.1856 THB
Monday21/05/20181 TRY=7.0114 THB
Tuesday22/05/20181 TRY=6.8981 THB
Wednesday23/05/20181 TRY=6.5865 THB
Thursday24/05/20181 TRY=6.7368 THB
Friday25/05/20181 TRY=6.7649 THB
Monday28/05/20181 TRY=6.9776 THB
Tuesday29/05/20181 TRY=6.9444 THB
Wednesday30/05/20181 TRY=7.2015 THB
Thursday31/05/20181 TRY=7.1161 THB
Friday01/06/20181 TRY=6.9104 THB
Monday04/06/20181 TRY=6.9101 THB
Tuesday05/06/20181 TRY=6.9291 THB
Wednesday06/06/20181 TRY=6.9511 THB
Thursday07/06/20181 TRY=7.1321 THB
Friday08/06/20181 TRY=7.1472 THB
Monday11/06/20181 TRY=7.1061 THB
Tuesday12/06/20181 TRY=7.0455 THB
Wednesday13/06/20181 TRY=6.9094 THB
Thursday14/06/20181 TRY=6.9547 THB
Friday15/06/20181 TRY=6.8759 THB
Monday18/06/20181 TRY=6.9354 THB
Tuesday19/06/20181 TRY=6.8902 THB
Wednesday20/06/20181 TRY=6.9202 THB
Thursday21/06/20181 TRY=6.943 THB
Friday22/06/20181 TRY=7.0115 THB
Minimum: 6.5865 TRYTHB, Maximum: 8.6211 TRYTHB, Average: 7.8126 TRYTHB
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