Turkish Lira (TRY) To Romanian Leu (RON) Currency Exchange Rates History

This page shows the historical data for Turkish Lira (TRY) to Romanian Leu (RON). With the history chart of this currency pairs you can review market history and analyze rate trends. The best TRY to RON rate over a historical period can be determined using the history chart and prices below;

Turkish Lira to Romanian Leu History Graph

To convert Turkish Lira to Romanian Leu or determine the Turkish Lira Romanian Leu exchange rate simply use the currency converter on this page.
RON to TRY Historical Exchange Rates

Exchange Rate History For Converting Turkish Lira (TRY) to Romanian Leu (RON)

Historical Date Turkish Lira Romanian Leu
Monday02/01/20171 TRY=1.2242 RON
Tuesday03/01/20171 TRY=1.2139 RON
Wednesday04/01/20171 TRY=1.206 RON
Thursday05/01/20171 TRY=1.1852 RON
Friday06/01/20171 TRY=1.1751 RON
Monday09/01/20171 TRY=1.1481 RON
Tuesday10/01/20171 TRY=1.1268 RON
Wednesday11/01/20171 TRY=1.1034 RON
Thursday12/01/20171 TRY=1.1136 RON
Friday13/01/20171 TRY=1.1123 RON
Monday16/01/20171 TRY=1.1243 RON
Tuesday17/01/20171 TRY=1.1094 RON
Wednesday18/01/20171 TRY=1.1128 RON
Thursday19/01/20171 TRY=1.1024 RON
Friday20/01/20171 TRY=1.1052 RON
Monday23/01/20171 TRY=1.1089 RON
Tuesday24/01/20171 TRY=1.1126 RON
Wednesday25/01/20171 TRY=1.0949 RON
Thursday26/01/20171 TRY=1.0867 RON
Friday27/01/20171 TRY=1.0883 RON
Monday30/01/20171 TRY=1.1094 RON
Tuesday31/01/20171 TRY=1.1081 RON
Wednesday01/02/20171 TRY=1.1205 RON
Thursday02/02/20171 TRY=1.1224 RON
Friday03/02/20171 TRY=1.126 RON
Monday06/02/20171 TRY=1.1443 RON
Tuesday07/02/20171 TRY=1.1289 RON
Wednesday08/02/20171 TRY=1.1302 RON
Thursday09/02/20171 TRY=1.1384 RON
Friday10/02/20171 TRY=1.149 RON
Monday13/02/20171 TRY=1.1495 RON
Tuesday14/02/20171 TRY=1.1617 RON
Wednesday15/02/20171 TRY=1.1679 RON
Thursday16/02/20171 TRY=1.1588 RON
Friday17/02/20171 TRY=1.156 RON
Monday20/02/20171 TRY=1.175 RON
Tuesday21/02/20171 TRY=1.1815 RON
Wednesday22/02/20171 TRY=1.1939 RON
Thursday23/02/20171 TRY=1.1976 RON
Friday24/02/20171 TRY=1.1888 RON
Monday27/02/20171 TRY=1.1846 RON
Tuesday28/02/20171 TRY=1.1777 RON
Wednesday01/03/20171 TRY=1.1763 RON
Thursday02/03/20171 TRY=1.1606 RON
Friday03/03/20171 TRY=1.151 RON
Monday06/03/20171 TRY=1.1517 RON
Tuesday07/03/20171 TRY=1.167 RON
Wednesday08/03/20171 TRY=1.1538 RON
Thursday09/03/20171 TRY=1.1488 RON
Friday10/03/20171 TRY=1.1429 RON
Monday13/03/20171 TRY=1.1403 RON
Tuesday14/03/20171 TRY=1.1422 RON
Wednesday15/03/20171 TRY=1.1499 RON
Thursday16/03/20171 TRY=1.1661 RON
Friday17/03/20171 TRY=1.1734 RON
Monday20/03/20171 TRY=1.1674 RON
Tuesday21/03/20171 TRY=1.1712 RON
Wednesday22/03/20171 TRY=1.1646 RON
Thursday23/03/20171 TRY=1.1672 RON
Friday24/03/20171 TRY=1.1626 RON
Monday27/03/20171 TRY=1.1606 RON
Tuesday28/03/20171 TRY=1.1571 RON
Wednesday29/03/20171 TRY=1.1608 RON
Thursday30/03/20171 TRY=1.1618 RON
Friday31/03/20171 TRY=1.1702 RON
Monday03/04/20171 TRY=1.1715 RON
Tuesday04/04/20171 TRY=1.1672 RON
Wednesday05/04/20171 TRY=1.1521 RON
Thursday06/04/20171 TRY=1.1434 RON
Friday07/04/20171 TRY=1.1374 RON
Monday10/04/20171 TRY=1.1426 RON
Tuesday11/04/20171 TRY=1.1452 RON
Wednesday12/04/20171 TRY=1.16 RON
Thursday13/04/20171 TRY=1.1591 RON
Tuesday18/04/20171 TRY=1.1464 RON
Wednesday19/04/20171 TRY=1.1537 RON
Thursday20/04/20171 TRY=1.1626 RON
Friday21/04/20171 TRY=1.1649 RON
Monday24/04/20171 TRY=1.1621 RON
Tuesday25/04/20171 TRY=1.1566 RON
Wednesday26/04/20171 TRY=1.1627 RON
Thursday27/04/20171 TRY=1.1676 RON
Friday28/04/20171 TRY=1.1701 RON
Tuesday02/05/20171 TRY=1.1779 RON
Wednesday03/05/20171 TRY=1.1778 RON
Thursday04/05/20171 TRY=1.1682 RON
Friday05/05/20171 TRY=1.1646 RON
Monday08/05/20171 TRY=1.167 RON
Tuesday09/05/20171 TRY=1.162 RON
Wednesday10/05/20171 TRY=1.1647 RON
Thursday11/05/20171 TRY=1.1688 RON
Friday12/05/20171 TRY=1.1645 RON
Monday15/05/20171 TRY=1.1661 RON
Tuesday16/05/20171 TRY=1.1564 RON
Wednesday17/05/20171 TRY=1.1545 RON
Thursday18/05/20171 TRY=1.1293 RON
Friday19/05/20171 TRY=1.1322 RON
Monday22/05/20171 TRY=1.1391 RON
Tuesday23/05/20171 TRY=1.1393 RON
Wednesday24/05/20171 TRY=1.1402 RON
Thursday25/05/20171 TRY=1.1383 RON
Friday26/05/20171 TRY=1.1399 RON
Monday29/05/20171 TRY=1.1406 RON
Tuesday30/05/20171 TRY=1.1489 RON
Wednesday31/05/20171 TRY=1.1507 RON
Thursday01/06/20171 TRY=1.1503 RON
Friday02/06/20171 TRY=1.153 RON
Monday05/06/20171 TRY=1.1554 RON
Tuesday06/06/20171 TRY=1.1493 RON
Wednesday07/06/20171 TRY=1.1499 RON
Thursday08/06/20171 TRY=1.1452 RON
Friday09/06/20171 TRY=1.1565 RON
Monday12/06/20171 TRY=1.156 RON
Tuesday13/06/20171 TRY=1.1553 RON
Wednesday14/06/20171 TRY=1.1603 RON
Thursday15/06/20171 TRY=1.1689 RON
Friday16/06/20171 TRY=1.1682 RON
Thursday22/06/20171 TRY=1.1668 RON
Friday23/06/20171 TRY=1.1655 RON
Monday26/06/20171 TRY=1.1656 RON
Tuesday27/06/20171 TRY=1.1547 RON
Wednesday28/06/20171 TRY=1.1356 RON
Thursday29/06/20171 TRY=1.1395 RON
Friday30/06/20171 TRY=1.1343 RON
Monday03/07/20171 TRY=1.1319 RON
Tuesday04/07/20171 TRY=1.1368 RON
Wednesday05/07/20171 TRY=1.1294 RON
Thursday06/07/20171 TRY=1.1102 RON
Friday07/07/20171 TRY=1.1064 RON
Monday10/07/20171 TRY=1.1115 RON
Tuesday11/07/20171 TRY=1.1028 RON
Wednesday12/07/20171 TRY=1.1092 RON
Thursday13/07/20171 TRY=1.1196 RON
Friday14/07/20171 TRY=1.1218 RON
Monday17/07/20171 TRY=1.1254 RON
Tuesday18/07/20171 TRY=1.119 RON
Wednesday19/07/20171 TRY=1.1256 RON
Thursday20/07/20171 TRY=1.1233 RON
Friday21/07/20171 TRY=1.1111 RON
Monday24/07/20171 TRY=1.1031 RON
Tuesday25/07/20171 TRY=1.0958 RON
Wednesday26/07/20171 TRY=1.1022 RON
Thursday27/07/20171 TRY=1.105 RON
Friday28/07/20171 TRY=1.0994 RON
Monday31/07/20171 TRY=1.1035 RON
Tuesday01/08/20171 TRY=1.0962 RON
Wednesday02/08/20171 TRY=1.0912 RON
Thursday03/08/20171 TRY=1.0872 RON
Friday04/08/20171 TRY=1.089 RON
Monday07/08/20171 TRY=1.0954 RON
Tuesday08/08/20171 TRY=1.0949 RON
Wednesday09/08/20171 TRY=1.1005 RON
Thursday10/08/20171 TRY=1.1034 RON
Friday11/08/20171 TRY=1.0962 RON
Monday14/08/20171 TRY=1.1001 RON
Tuesday15/08/20171 TRY=1.1029 RON
Wednesday16/08/20171 TRY=1.1091 RON
Thursday17/08/20171 TRY=1.1128 RON
Friday18/08/20171 TRY=1.1092 RON
Monday21/08/20171 TRY=1.1119 RON
Tuesday22/08/20171 TRY=1.1142 RON
Wednesday23/08/20171 TRY=1.1091 RON
Thursday24/08/20171 TRY=1.1155 RON
Friday25/08/20171 TRY=1.1191 RON
Monday28/08/20171 TRY=1.1195 RON
Tuesday29/08/20171 TRY=1.1085 RON
Wednesday30/08/20171 TRY=1.1134 RON
Thursday31/08/20171 TRY=1.118 RON
Friday01/09/20171 TRY=1.1213 RON
Monday04/09/20171 TRY=1.1255 RON
Tuesday05/09/20171 TRY=1.1222 RON
Wednesday06/09/20171 TRY=1.12 RON
Thursday07/09/20171 TRY=1.1241 RON
Friday08/09/20171 TRY=1.1168 RON
Monday11/09/20171 TRY=1.1274 RON
Tuesday12/09/20171 TRY=1.1238 RON
Wednesday13/09/20171 TRY=1.116 RON
Thursday14/09/20171 TRY=1.1187 RON
Friday15/09/20171 TRY=1.1182 RON
Monday18/09/20171 TRY=1.1127 RON
Tuesday19/09/20171 TRY=1.1012 RON
Wednesday20/09/20171 TRY=1.1044 RON
Thursday21/09/20171 TRY=1.1012 RON
Friday22/09/20171 TRY=1.0998 RON
Monday25/09/20171 TRY=1.1003 RON
Tuesday26/09/20171 TRY=1.1026 RON
Wednesday27/09/20171 TRY=1.0975 RON
Thursday28/09/20171 TRY=1.0952 RON
Friday29/09/20171 TRY=1.0948 RON
Monday02/10/20171 TRY=1.0904 RON
Tuesday03/10/20171 TRY=1.09 RON
Wednesday04/10/20171 TRY=1.0902 RON
Thursday05/10/20171 TRY=1.0915 RON
Friday06/10/20171 TRY=1.081 RON
Monday09/10/20171 TRY=1.0485 RON
Tuesday10/10/20171 TRY=1.0544 RON
Wednesday11/10/20171 TRY=1.0583 RON
Thursday12/10/20171 TRY=1.0574 RON
Friday13/10/20171 TRY=1.061 RON
Monday16/10/20171 TRY=1.0665 RON
Tuesday17/10/20171 TRY=1.0641 RON
Wednesday18/10/20171 TRY=1.061 RON
Thursday19/10/20171 TRY=1.0607 RON
Friday20/10/20171 TRY=1.0621 RON
Monday23/10/20171 TRY=1.0603 RON
Tuesday24/10/20171 TRY=1.052 RON
Wednesday25/10/20171 TRY=1.0455 RON
Thursday26/10/20171 TRY=1.0368 RON
Friday27/10/20171 TRY=1.0373 RON
Monday30/10/20171 TRY=1.0488 RON
Tuesday31/10/20171 TRY=1.0414 RON
Wednesday01/11/20171 TRY=1.0373 RON
Thursday02/11/20171 TRY=1.0331 RON
Friday03/11/20171 TRY=1.0234 RON
Monday06/11/20171 TRY=1.0239 RON
Tuesday07/11/20171 TRY=1.028 RON
Wednesday08/11/20171 TRY=1.0273 RON
Thursday09/11/20171 TRY=1.032 RON
Friday10/11/20171 TRY=1.0316 RON
Monday13/11/20171 TRY=1.0275 RON
Tuesday14/11/20171 TRY=1.0223 RON
Wednesday15/11/20171 TRY=1.0083 RON
Thursday16/11/20171 TRY=1.0199 RON
Friday17/11/20171 TRY=1.0135 RON
Minimum: 1.0083 TRYRON, Maximum: 1.2242 TRYRON, Average: 1.1236 TRYRON
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