Turkish Lira (TRY) To Philippine Peso (PHP) Currency Exchange Rates History

This page shows the historical data for Turkish Lira (TRY) to Philippine Peso (PHP). With the history chart of this currency pairs you can review market history and analyze rate trends. The best TRY to PHP rate over a historical period can be determined using the history chart and prices below;

Turkish Lira to Philippine Peso History Graph

To convert Turkish Lira to Philippine Peso or determine the Turkish Lira Philippine Peso exchange rate simply use the currency converter on this page.
PHP to TRY Historical Exchange Rates

Exchange Rate History For Converting Turkish Lira (TRY) to Philippine Peso (PHP)

Historical Date Turkish Lira Philippine Peso
Monday02/01/20171 TRY=13.9741 PHP
Tuesday03/01/20171 TRY=13.9067 PHP
Wednesday04/01/20171 TRY=13.8601 PHP
Thursday05/01/20171 TRY=13.6979 PHP
Friday06/01/20171 TRY=13.6702 PHP
Monday09/01/20171 TRY=13.2813 PHP
Tuesday10/01/20171 TRY=13.1204 PHP
Wednesday11/01/20171 TRY=12.7813 PHP
Thursday12/01/20171 TRY=13.1217 PHP
Friday13/01/20171 TRY=13.1005 PHP
Monday16/01/20171 TRY=13.2116 PHP
Tuesday17/01/20171 TRY=13.1117 PHP
Wednesday18/01/20171 TRY=13.1755 PHP
Thursday19/01/20171 TRY=13.123 PHP
Friday20/01/20171 TRY=13.0798 PHP
Monday23/01/20171 TRY=13.1818 PHP
Tuesday24/01/20171 TRY=13.2139 PHP
Wednesday25/01/20171 TRY=12.9468 PHP
Thursday26/01/20171 TRY=12.9305 PHP
Friday27/01/20171 TRY=12.8457 PHP
Monday30/01/20171 TRY=13.0423 PHP
Tuesday31/01/20171 TRY=13.1604 PHP
Wednesday01/02/20171 TRY=13.2473 PHP
Thursday02/02/20171 TRY=13.3118 PHP
Friday03/02/20171 TRY=13.3316 PHP
Monday06/02/20171 TRY=13.5 PHP
Tuesday07/02/20171 TRY=13.3723 PHP
Wednesday08/02/20171 TRY=13.3936 PHP
Thursday09/02/20171 TRY=13.5455 PHP
Friday10/02/20171 TRY=13.5798 PHP
Monday13/02/20171 TRY=13.5798 PHP
Tuesday14/02/20171 TRY=13.6455 PHP
Wednesday15/02/20171 TRY=13.6158 PHP
Thursday16/02/20171 TRY=13.6277 PHP
Friday17/02/20171 TRY=13.5957 PHP
Monday20/02/20171 TRY=13.8984 PHP
Tuesday21/02/20171 TRY=13.8466 PHP
Wednesday22/02/20171 TRY=13.9735 PHP
Thursday23/02/20171 TRY=14.0159 PHP
Friday24/02/20171 TRY=14 PHP
Monday27/02/20171 TRY=13.9628 PHP
Tuesday28/02/20171 TRY=13.8564 PHP
Wednesday01/03/20171 TRY=13.7672 PHP
Thursday02/03/20171 TRY=13.5767 PHP
Friday03/03/20171 TRY=13.5053 PHP
Monday06/03/20171 TRY=13.5266 PHP
Tuesday07/03/20171 TRY=13.6755 PHP
Wednesday08/03/20171 TRY=13.4894 PHP
Thursday09/03/20171 TRY=13.4309 PHP
Friday10/03/20171 TRY=13.3617 PHP
Monday13/03/20171 TRY=13.457 PHP
Tuesday14/03/20171 TRY=13.4439 PHP
Wednesday15/03/20171 TRY=13.5401 PHP
Thursday16/03/20171 TRY=13.7742 PHP
Friday17/03/20171 TRY=13.8226 PHP
Monday20/03/20171 TRY=13.7634 PHP
Tuesday21/03/20171 TRY=13.8703 PHP
Wednesday22/03/20171 TRY=13.8804 PHP
Thursday23/03/20171 TRY=13.9239 PHP
Friday24/03/20171 TRY=13.875 PHP
Monday27/03/20171 TRY=13.9399 PHP
Tuesday28/03/20171 TRY=13.8098 PHP
Wednesday29/03/20171 TRY=13.773 PHP
Thursday30/03/20171 TRY=13.7419 PHP
Friday31/03/20171 TRY=13.8226 PHP
Monday03/04/20171 TRY=13.7701 PHP
Tuesday04/04/20171 TRY=13.738 PHP
Wednesday05/04/20171 TRY=13.5722 PHP
Thursday06/04/20171 TRY=13.5187 PHP
Friday07/04/20171 TRY=13.3175 PHP
Monday10/04/20171 TRY=13.2565 PHP
Tuesday11/04/20171 TRY=13.3632 PHP
Wednesday12/04/20171 TRY=13.4346 PHP
Thursday13/04/20171 TRY=13.5 PHP
Tuesday18/04/20171 TRY=13.4947 PHP
Wednesday19/04/20171 TRY=13.6096 PHP
Thursday20/04/20171 TRY=13.6898 PHP
Friday21/04/20171 TRY=13.6383 PHP
Monday24/04/20171 TRY=13.8703 PHP
Tuesday25/04/20171 TRY=13.8162 PHP
Wednesday26/04/20171 TRY=13.9402 PHP
Thursday27/04/20171 TRY=14.0874 PHP
Friday28/04/20171 TRY=14.0984 PHP
Tuesday02/05/20171 TRY=14.1475 PHP
Wednesday03/05/20171 TRY=14.153 PHP
Thursday04/05/20171 TRY=14.0437 PHP
Friday05/05/20171 TRY=13.9945 PHP
Monday08/05/20171 TRY=14.0164 PHP
Tuesday09/05/20171 TRY=13.8804 PHP
Wednesday10/05/20171 TRY=13.913 PHP
Thursday11/05/20171 TRY=13.8865 PHP
Friday12/05/20171 TRY=13.8486 PHP
Monday15/05/20171 TRY=13.9293 PHP
Tuesday16/05/20171 TRY=13.9725 PHP
Wednesday17/05/20171 TRY=13.9945 PHP
Thursday18/05/20171 TRY=13.7333 PHP
Friday19/05/20171 TRY=13.7944 PHP
Monday22/05/20171 TRY=13.9553 PHP
Tuesday23/05/20171 TRY=13.9777 PHP
Wednesday24/05/20171 TRY=13.9944 PHP
Thursday25/05/20171 TRY=13.9777 PHP
Friday26/05/20171 TRY=13.9777 PHP
Monday29/05/20171 TRY=13.9609 PHP
Tuesday30/05/20171 TRY=13.9778 PHP
Wednesday31/05/20171 TRY=14.0782 PHP
Thursday01/06/20171 TRY=14.067 PHP
Friday02/06/20171 TRY=14.0278 PHP
Monday05/06/20171 TRY=14.0444 PHP
Tuesday06/06/20171 TRY=14.0615 PHP
Wednesday07/06/20171 TRY=13.9778 PHP
Thursday08/06/20171 TRY=13.9333 PHP
Friday09/06/20171 TRY=14.0055 PHP
Monday12/06/20171 TRY=14.0778 PHP
Tuesday13/06/20171 TRY=14.0556 PHP
Wednesday14/06/20171 TRY=14.1167 PHP
Thursday15/06/20171 TRY=14.15 PHP
Friday16/06/20171 TRY=14.1611 PHP
Thursday22/06/20171 TRY=14.3034 PHP
Friday23/06/20171 TRY=14.3202 PHP
Monday26/06/20171 TRY=14.3146 PHP
Tuesday27/06/20171 TRY=14.2938 PHP
Wednesday28/06/20171 TRY=14.3391 PHP
Thursday29/06/20171 TRY=14.3988 PHP
Friday30/06/20171 TRY=14.3218 PHP
Monday03/07/20171 TRY=14.2529 PHP
Tuesday04/07/20171 TRY=14.2356 PHP
Wednesday05/07/20171 TRY=14.1494 PHP
Thursday06/07/20171 TRY=13.9711 PHP
Friday07/07/20171 TRY=13.9422 PHP
Monday10/07/20171 TRY=14.0578 PHP
Tuesday11/07/20171 TRY=13.9538 PHP
Wednesday12/07/20171 TRY=14.0347 PHP
Thursday13/07/20171 TRY=14.1792 PHP
Friday14/07/20171 TRY=14.2139 PHP
Monday17/07/20171 TRY=14.3488 PHP
Tuesday18/07/20171 TRY=14.3509 PHP
Wednesday19/07/20171 TRY=14.4152 PHP
Thursday20/07/20171 TRY=14.386 PHP
Friday21/07/20171 TRY=14.3846 PHP
Monday24/07/20171 TRY=14.3018 PHP
Tuesday25/07/20171 TRY=14.2071 PHP
Wednesday26/07/20171 TRY=14.2059 PHP
Thursday27/07/20171 TRY=14.3254 PHP
Friday28/07/20171 TRY=14.2722 PHP
Monday31/07/20171 TRY=14.3195 PHP
Tuesday01/08/20171 TRY=14.3095 PHP
Wednesday02/08/20171 TRY=14.244 PHP
Thursday03/08/20171 TRY=14.1726 PHP
Friday04/08/20171 TRY=14.2024 PHP
Monday07/08/20171 TRY=14.2857 PHP
Tuesday08/08/20171 TRY=14.2798 PHP
Wednesday09/08/20171 TRY=14.3393 PHP
Thursday10/08/20171 TRY=14.3571 PHP
Friday11/08/20171 TRY=14.3353 PHP
Monday14/08/20171 TRY=14.494 PHP
Tuesday15/08/20171 TRY=14.5301 PHP
Wednesday16/08/20171 TRY=14.5783 PHP
Thursday17/08/20171 TRY=14.5329 PHP
Friday18/08/20171 TRY=14.6485 PHP
Monday21/08/20171 TRY=14.697 PHP
Tuesday22/08/20171 TRY=14.6325 PHP
Wednesday23/08/20171 TRY=14.6606 PHP
Thursday24/08/20171 TRY=14.6627 PHP
Friday25/08/20171 TRY=14.6627 PHP
Monday28/08/20171 TRY=14.8476 PHP
Tuesday29/08/20171 TRY=14.7914 PHP
Wednesday30/08/20171 TRY=14.7866 PHP
Thursday31/08/20171 TRY=14.7576 PHP
Friday01/09/20171 TRY=14.878 PHP
Monday04/09/20171 TRY=14.9329 PHP
Tuesday05/09/20171 TRY=14.8902 PHP
Wednesday06/09/20171 TRY=14.8537 PHP
Thursday07/09/20171 TRY=14.8182 PHP
Friday08/09/20171 TRY=14.8957 PHP
Monday11/09/20171 TRY=14.9512 PHP
Tuesday12/09/20171 TRY=14.8 PHP
Wednesday13/09/20171 TRY=14.7866 PHP
Thursday14/09/20171 TRY=14.8232 PHP
Friday15/09/20171 TRY=14.9141 PHP
Monday18/09/20171 TRY=14.75 PHP
Tuesday19/09/20171 TRY=14.5976 PHP
Wednesday20/09/20171 TRY=14.6402 PHP
Thursday21/09/20171 TRY=14.5091 PHP
Friday22/09/20171 TRY=14.497 PHP
Monday25/09/20171 TRY=14.4096 PHP
Tuesday26/09/20171 TRY=14.3473 PHP
Wednesday27/09/20171 TRY=14.2934 PHP
Thursday28/09/20171 TRY=14.2575 PHP
Friday29/09/20171 TRY=14.2515 PHP
Monday02/10/20171 TRY=14.2335 PHP
Tuesday03/10/20171 TRY=14.3012 PHP
Wednesday04/10/20171 TRY=14.3373 PHP
Thursday05/10/20171 TRY=14.2874 PHP
Friday06/10/20171 TRY=14.1437 PHP
Monday09/10/20171 TRY=13.8072 PHP
Tuesday10/10/20171 TRY=13.9697 PHP
Wednesday11/10/20171 TRY=14.0671 PHP
Thursday12/10/20171 TRY=14.0427 PHP
Friday13/10/20171 TRY=14.0182 PHP
Monday16/10/20171 TRY=14.103 PHP
Tuesday17/10/20171 TRY=13.994 PHP
Wednesday18/10/20171 TRY=14.0182 PHP
Thursday19/10/20171 TRY=14.0732 PHP
Friday20/10/20171 TRY=14.0854 PHP
Monday23/10/20171 TRY=13.9697 PHP
Tuesday24/10/20171 TRY=13.939 PHP
Wednesday25/10/20171 TRY=13.8659 PHP
Thursday26/10/20171 TRY=13.75 PHP
Friday27/10/20171 TRY=13.5783 PHP
Monday30/10/20171 TRY=13.7349 PHP
Tuesday31/10/20171 TRY=13.5569 PHP
Wednesday01/11/20171 TRY=13.491 PHP
Thursday02/11/20171 TRY=13.4491 PHP
Friday03/11/20171 TRY=13.25 PHP
Monday06/11/20171 TRY=13.2012 PHP
Tuesday07/11/20171 TRY=13.3214 PHP
Wednesday08/11/20171 TRY=13.2143 PHP
Thursday09/11/20171 TRY=13.2381 PHP
Friday10/11/20171 TRY=13.2754 PHP
Monday13/11/20171 TRY=13.2156 PHP
Tuesday14/11/20171 TRY=13.247 PHP
Wednesday15/11/20171 TRY=13.1024 PHP
Thursday16/11/20171 TRY=13.1677 PHP
Friday17/11/20171 TRY=13.0599 PHP
Minimum: 12.7813 TRYPHP, Maximum: 14.9512 TRYPHP, Average: 13.9358 TRYPHP
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