Turkish Lira (TRY) To Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Currency Exchange Rates History

This page shows the historical data for Turkish Lira (TRY) to Hong Kong Dollar (HKD). With the history chart of this currency pairs you can review market history and analyze rate trends. The best TRY to HKD rate over a historical period can be determined using the history chart and prices below;

Turkish Lira to Hong Kong Dollar History Graph

To convert Turkish Lira to Hong Kong Dollar or determine the Turkish Lira Hong Kong Dollar exchange rate simply use the currency converter on this page.
HKD to TRY Historical Exchange Rates

Exchange Rate History For Converting Turkish Lira (TRY) to Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

Historical Date Turkish Lira Hong Kong Dollar
Monday02/01/20171 TRY=2.1891 HKD
Tuesday03/01/20171 TRY=2.1628 HKD
Wednesday04/01/20171 TRY=2.166 HKD
Thursday05/01/20171 TRY=2.1417 HKD
Friday06/01/20171 TRY=2.1437 HKD
Monday09/01/20171 TRY=2.0799 HKD
Tuesday10/01/20171 TRY=2.0541 HKD
Wednesday11/01/20171 TRY=1.9984 HKD
Thursday12/01/20171 TRY=2.0547 HKD
Friday13/01/20171 TRY=2.0463 HKD
Monday16/01/20171 TRY=2.0518 HKD
Tuesday17/01/20171 TRY=2.0423 HKD
Wednesday18/01/20171 TRY=2.0488 HKD
Thursday19/01/20171 TRY=2.0315 HKD
Friday20/01/20171 TRY=2.0289 HKD
Monday23/01/20171 TRY=2.049 HKD
Tuesday24/01/20171 TRY=2.0609 HKD
Wednesday25/01/20171 TRY=2.0283 HKD
Thursday26/01/20171 TRY=2.0066 HKD
Friday27/01/20171 TRY=2.0008 HKD
Monday30/01/20171 TRY=2.0338 HKD
Tuesday31/01/20171 TRY=2.0525 HKD
Wednesday01/02/20171 TRY=2.0637 HKD
Thursday02/02/20171 TRY=2.0772 HKD
Friday03/02/20171 TRY=2.0775 HKD
Monday06/02/20171 TRY=2.1097 HKD
Tuesday07/02/20171 TRY=2.0829 HKD
Wednesday08/02/20171 TRY=2.0827 HKD
Thursday09/02/20171 TRY=2.1003 HKD
Friday10/02/20171 TRY=2.1047 HKD
Monday13/02/20171 TRY=2.1047 HKD
Tuesday14/02/20171 TRY=2.1261 HKD
Wednesday15/02/20171 TRY=2.1188 HKD
Thursday16/02/20171 TRY=2.1174 HKD
Friday17/02/20171 TRY=2.1124 HKD
Monday20/02/20171 TRY=2.1409 HKD
Tuesday21/02/20171 TRY=2.1398 HKD
Wednesday22/02/20171 TRY=2.1542 HKD
Thursday23/02/20171 TRY=2.1731 HKD
Friday24/02/20171 TRY=2.168 HKD
Monday27/02/20171 TRY=2.1569 HKD
Tuesday28/02/20171 TRY=2.1423 HKD
Wednesday01/03/20171 TRY=2.1276 HKD
Thursday02/03/20171 TRY=2.0947 HKD
Friday03/03/20171 TRY=2.0829 HKD
Monday06/03/20171 TRY=2.0913 HKD
Tuesday07/03/20171 TRY=2.1108 HKD
Wednesday08/03/20171 TRY=2.0787 HKD
Thursday09/03/20171 TRY=2.0697 HKD
Friday10/03/20171 TRY=2.0692 HKD
Monday13/03/20171 TRY=2.072 HKD
Tuesday14/03/20171 TRY=2.076 HKD
Wednesday15/03/20171 TRY=2.0891 HKD
Thursday16/03/20171 TRY=2.1332 HKD
Friday17/03/20171 TRY=2.1425 HKD
Monday20/03/20171 TRY=2.1369 HKD
Tuesday21/03/20171 TRY=2.1527 HKD
Wednesday22/03/20171 TRY=2.1444 HKD
Thursday23/03/20171 TRY=2.1457 HKD
Friday24/03/20171 TRY=2.1436 HKD
Monday27/03/20171 TRY=2.1582 HKD
Tuesday28/03/20171 TRY=2.1425 HKD
Wednesday29/03/20171 TRY=2.1269 HKD
Thursday30/03/20171 TRY=2.1336 HKD
Friday31/03/20171 TRY=2.1354 HKD
Monday03/04/20171 TRY=2.1334 HKD
Tuesday04/04/20171 TRY=2.1267 HKD
Wednesday05/04/20171 TRY=2.1062 HKD
Thursday06/04/20171 TRY=2.0944 HKD
Friday07/04/20171 TRY=2.0784 HKD
Monday10/04/20171 TRY=2.0805 HKD
Tuesday11/04/20171 TRY=2.0949 HKD
Wednesday12/04/20171 TRY=2.1154 HKD
Thursday13/04/20171 TRY=2.1198 HKD
Tuesday18/04/20171 TRY=2.1071 HKD
Wednesday19/04/20171 TRY=2.1226 HKD
Thursday20/04/20171 TRY=2.1387 HKD
Friday21/04/20171 TRY=2.1331 HKD
Monday24/04/20171 TRY=2.1654 HKD
Tuesday25/04/20171 TRY=2.1661 HKD
Wednesday26/04/20171 TRY=2.1737 HKD
Thursday27/04/20171 TRY=2.1829 HKD
Friday28/04/20171 TRY=2.1939 HKD
Tuesday02/05/20171 TRY=2.1997 HKD
Wednesday03/05/20171 TRY=2.2005 HKD
Thursday04/05/20171 TRY=2.1854 HKD
Friday05/05/20171 TRY=2.1852 HKD
Monday08/05/20171 TRY=2.1848 HKD
Tuesday09/05/20171 TRY=2.1644 HKD
Wednesday10/05/20171 TRY=2.1695 HKD
Thursday11/05/20171 TRY=2.1734 HKD
Friday12/05/20171 TRY=2.1712 HKD
Monday15/05/20171 TRY=2.1906 HKD
Tuesday16/05/20171 TRY=2.1904 HKD
Wednesday17/05/20171 TRY=2.1931 HKD
Thursday18/05/20171 TRY=2.1403 HKD
Friday19/05/20171 TRY=2.161 HKD
Monday22/05/20171 TRY=2.1874 HKD
Tuesday23/05/20171 TRY=2.1852 HKD
Wednesday24/05/20171 TRY=2.184 HKD
Thursday25/05/20171 TRY=2.1852 HKD
Friday26/05/20171 TRY=2.1832 HKD
Monday29/05/20171 TRY=2.1787 HKD
Tuesday30/05/20171 TRY=2.1897 HKD
Wednesday31/05/20171 TRY=2.2028 HKD
Thursday01/06/20171 TRY=2.201 HKD
Friday02/06/20171 TRY=2.2072 HKD
Monday05/06/20171 TRY=2.2156 HKD
Tuesday06/06/20171 TRY=2.2079 HKD
Wednesday07/06/20171 TRY=2.1993 HKD
Thursday08/06/20171 TRY=2.1961 HKD
Friday09/06/20171 TRY=2.2082 HKD
Monday12/06/20171 TRY=2.217 HKD
Tuesday13/06/20171 TRY=2.2135 HKD
Wednesday14/06/20171 TRY=2.2212 HKD
Thursday15/06/20171 TRY=2.2186 HKD
Friday16/06/20171 TRY=2.2204 HKD
Thursday22/06/20171 TRY=2.2178 HKD
Friday23/06/20171 TRY=2.2223 HKD
Monday26/06/20171 TRY=2.2234 HKD
Tuesday27/06/20171 TRY=2.2252 HKD
Wednesday28/06/20171 TRY=2.2138 HKD
Thursday29/06/20171 TRY=2.2201 HKD
Friday30/06/20171 TRY=2.2191 HKD
Monday03/07/20171 TRY=2.2025 HKD
Tuesday04/07/20171 TRY=2.1959 HKD
Wednesday05/07/20171 TRY=2.1768 HKD
Thursday06/07/20171 TRY=2.1484 HKD
Friday07/07/20171 TRY=2.1497 HKD
Monday10/07/20171 TRY=2.1637 HKD
Tuesday11/07/20171 TRY=2.1496 HKD
Wednesday12/07/20171 TRY=2.1717 HKD
Thursday13/07/20171 TRY=2.1882 HKD
Friday14/07/20171 TRY=2.1916 HKD
Monday17/07/20171 TRY=2.2075 HKD
Tuesday18/07/20171 TRY=2.2128 HKD
Wednesday19/07/20171 TRY=2.2207 HKD
Thursday20/07/20171 TRY=2.2063 HKD
Friday21/07/20171 TRY=2.21 HKD
Monday24/07/20171 TRY=2.1973 HKD
Tuesday25/07/20171 TRY=2.1927 HKD
Wednesday26/07/20171 TRY=2.1975 HKD
Thursday27/07/20171 TRY=2.211 HKD
Friday28/07/20171 TRY=2.2088 HKD
Monday31/07/20171 TRY=2.2161 HKD
Tuesday01/08/20171 TRY=2.2177 HKD
Wednesday02/08/20171 TRY=2.2116 HKD
Thursday03/08/20171 TRY=2.2087 HKD
Friday04/08/20171 TRY=2.2134 HKD
Monday07/08/20171 TRY=2.214 HKD
Tuesday08/08/20171 TRY=2.2172 HKD
Wednesday09/08/20171 TRY=2.2081 HKD
Thursday10/08/20171 TRY=2.2108 HKD
Friday11/08/20171 TRY=2.2024 HKD
Monday14/08/20171 TRY=2.2196 HKD
Tuesday15/08/20171 TRY=2.2169 HKD
Wednesday16/08/20171 TRY=2.2161 HKD
Thursday17/08/20171 TRY=2.2205 HKD
Friday18/08/20171 TRY=2.2195 HKD
Monday21/08/20171 TRY=2.2309 HKD
Tuesday22/08/20171 TRY=2.2387 HKD
Wednesday23/08/20171 TRY=2.2336 HKD
Thursday24/08/20171 TRY=2.2495 HKD
Friday25/08/20171 TRY=2.2475 HKD
Monday28/08/20171 TRY=2.2715 HKD
Tuesday29/08/20171 TRY=2.2724 HKD
Wednesday30/08/20171 TRY=2.2621 HKD
Thursday31/08/20171 TRY=2.2525 HKD
Friday01/09/20171 TRY=2.2761 HKD
Monday04/09/20171 TRY=2.2803 HKD
Tuesday05/09/20171 TRY=2.2716 HKD
Wednesday06/09/20171 TRY=2.2745 HKD
Thursday07/09/20171 TRY=2.2872 HKD
Friday08/09/20171 TRY=2.2863 HKD
Monday11/09/20171 TRY=2.298 HKD
Tuesday12/09/20171 TRY=2.2759 HKD
Wednesday13/09/20171 TRY=2.2685 HKD
Thursday14/09/20171 TRY=2.2572 HKD
Friday15/09/20171 TRY=2.2741 HKD
Monday18/09/20171 TRY=2.2586 HKD
Tuesday19/09/20171 TRY=2.2374 HKD
Wednesday20/09/20171 TRY=2.2481 HKD
Thursday21/09/20171 TRY=2.2249 HKD
Friday22/09/20171 TRY=2.2334 HKD
Monday25/09/20171 TRY=2.2189 HKD
Tuesday26/09/20171 TRY=2.2063 HKD
Wednesday27/09/20171 TRY=2.1899 HKD
Thursday28/09/20171 TRY=2.1904 HKD
Friday29/09/20171 TRY=2.1956 HKD
Monday02/10/20171 TRY=2.1807 HKD
Tuesday03/10/20171 TRY=2.18 HKD
Wednesday04/10/20171 TRY=2.1895 HKD
Thursday05/10/20171 TRY=2.187 HKD
Friday06/10/20171 TRY=2.159 HKD
Monday09/10/20171 TRY=2.1008 HKD
Tuesday10/10/20171 TRY=2.1225 HKD
Wednesday11/10/20171 TRY=2.1302 HKD
Thursday12/10/20171 TRY=2.1324 HKD
Friday13/10/20171 TRY=2.1338 HKD
Monday16/10/20171 TRY=2.1447 HKD
Tuesday17/10/20171 TRY=2.1331 HKD
Wednesday18/10/20171 TRY=2.122 HKD
Thursday19/10/20171 TRY=2.1311 HKD
Friday20/10/20171 TRY=2.131 HKD
Monday23/10/20171 TRY=2.1108 HKD
Tuesday24/10/20171 TRY=2.0992 HKD
Wednesday25/10/20171 TRY=2.092 HKD
Thursday26/10/20171 TRY=2.0669 HKD
Friday27/10/20171 TRY=2.0417 HKD
Monday30/10/20171 TRY=2.0652 HKD
Tuesday31/10/20171 TRY=2.0544 HKD
Wednesday01/11/20171 TRY=2.0408 HKD
Thursday02/11/20171 TRY=2.04 HKD
Friday03/11/20171 TRY=2.0255 HKD
Monday06/11/20171 TRY=2.0172 HKD
Tuesday07/11/20171 TRY=2.0199 HKD
Wednesday08/11/20171 TRY=2.0054 HKD
Thursday09/11/20171 TRY=2.0163 HKD
Friday10/11/20171 TRY=2.0155 HKD
Monday13/11/20171 TRY=2.0064 HKD
Tuesday14/11/20171 TRY=2.0156 HKD
Wednesday15/11/20171 TRY=2.0102 HKD
Thursday16/11/20171 TRY=2.0211 HKD
Friday17/11/20171 TRY=2.0101 HKD
Minimum: 1.9984 TRYHKD, Maximum: 2.298 TRYHKD, Average: 2.1534 TRYHKD
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