Swiss Franc (CHF) To Turkish Lira (TRY) Currency Exchange Rates History

This page shows the historical data for Swiss Franc (CHF) to Turkish Lira (TRY). With the history chart of this currency pairs you can review market history and analyze rate trends. The best CHF to TRY rate over a historical period can be determined using the history chart and prices below;

Swiss Franc to Turkish Lira History Graph

To convert Swiss Franc to Turkish Lira or determine the Swiss Franc Turkish Lira exchange rate simply use the currency converter on this page.
TRY to CHF Historical Exchange Rates

Exchange Rate History For Converting Swiss Franc (CHF) to Turkish Lira (TRY)

Historical Date Swiss Franc Turkish Lira
Monday04/01/20211 CHF=8.3786 TRY
Tuesday05/01/20211 CHF=8.3926 TRY
Wednesday06/01/20211 CHF=8.3705 TRY
Thursday07/01/20211 CHF=8.3087 TRY
Friday08/01/20211 CHF=8.3282 TRY
Monday11/01/20211 CHF=8.3578 TRY
Tuesday12/01/20211 CHF=8.4235 TRY
Wednesday13/01/20211 CHF=8.3701 TRY
Thursday14/01/20211 CHF=8.2856 TRY
Friday15/01/20211 CHF=8.3724 TRY
Monday18/01/20211 CHF=8.4284 TRY
Tuesday19/01/20211 CHF=8.3809 TRY
Wednesday20/01/20211 CHF=8.3586 TRY
Thursday21/01/20211 CHF=8.3098 TRY
Friday22/01/20211 CHF=8.3697 TRY
Monday25/01/20211 CHF=8.3405 TRY
Tuesday26/01/20211 CHF=8.2759 TRY
Wednesday27/01/20211 CHF=8.3214 TRY
Thursday28/01/20211 CHF=8.2804 TRY
Friday29/01/20211 CHF=8.2247 TRY
Monday01/02/20211 CHF=8.033 TRY
Tuesday02/02/20211 CHF=8.0173 TRY
Wednesday03/02/20211 CHF=7.9724 TRY
Thursday04/02/20211 CHF=7.9009 TRY
Friday05/02/20211 CHF=7.8288 TRY
Monday08/02/20211 CHF=7.8695 TRY
Tuesday09/02/20211 CHF=7.9424 TRY
Wednesday10/02/20211 CHF=7.9103 TRY
Thursday11/02/20211 CHF=7.8926 TRY
Friday12/02/20211 CHF=7.8716 TRY
Monday15/02/20211 CHF=7.8127 TRY
Tuesday16/02/20211 CHF=7.84 TRY
Wednesday17/02/20211 CHF=7.8027 TRY
Thursday18/02/20211 CHF=7.7531 TRY
Friday19/02/20211 CHF=7.7838 TRY
Monday22/02/20211 CHF=7.8698 TRY
Tuesday23/02/20211 CHF=7.8286 TRY
Wednesday24/02/20211 CHF=7.8981 TRY
Thursday25/02/20211 CHF=7.9761 TRY
Friday26/02/20211 CHF=8.2074 TRY
Monday01/03/20211 CHF=7.9154 TRY
Tuesday02/03/20211 CHF=7.9806 TRY
Wednesday03/03/20211 CHF=8.0481 TRY
Thursday04/03/20211 CHF=8.07 TRY
Friday05/03/20211 CHF=8.0904 TRY
Monday08/03/20211 CHF=8.2149 TRY
Tuesday09/03/20211 CHF=8.2193 TRY
Wednesday10/03/20211 CHF=8.1534 TRY
Thursday11/03/20211 CHF=8.0472 TRY
Friday12/03/20211 CHF=8.1501 TRY
Monday15/03/20211 CHF=8.106 TRY
Tuesday16/03/20211 CHF=8.1001 TRY
Wednesday17/03/20211 CHF=8.1038 TRY
Thursday18/03/20211 CHF=7.9246 TRY
Friday19/03/20211 CHF=7.804 TRY
Monday22/03/20211 CHF=8.5343 TRY
Tuesday23/03/20211 CHF=8.4616 TRY
Wednesday24/03/20211 CHF=8.4915 TRY
Thursday25/03/20211 CHF=8.5415 TRY
Friday26/03/20211 CHF=8.5227 TRY
Monday29/03/20211 CHF=8.6901 TRY
Tuesday30/03/20211 CHF=8.8493 TRY
Wednesday31/03/20211 CHF=8.787 TRY
Thursday01/04/20211 CHF=8.6385 TRY
Tuesday06/04/20211 CHF=8.6939 TRY
Wednesday07/04/20211 CHF=8.7998 TRY
Thursday08/04/20211 CHF=8.7841 TRY
Friday09/04/20211 CHF=8.8014 TRY
Monday12/04/20211 CHF=8.8196 TRY
Tuesday13/04/20211 CHF=8.8081 TRY
Wednesday14/04/20211 CHF=8.7744 TRY
Thursday15/04/20211 CHF=8.7893 TRY
Friday16/04/20211 CHF=8.7834 TRY
Monday19/04/20211 CHF=8.8367 TRY
Tuesday20/04/20211 CHF=8.8631 TRY
Wednesday21/04/20211 CHF=8.8999 TRY
Thursday22/04/20211 CHF=9.0259 TRY
Friday23/04/20211 CHF=9.1147 TRY
Monday26/04/20211 CHF=9.0723 TRY
Tuesday27/04/20211 CHF=8.9881 TRY
Wednesday28/04/20211 CHF=8.9388 TRY
Thursday29/04/20211 CHF=9.0469 TRY
Friday30/04/20211 CHF=9.0749 TRY
Monday03/05/20211 CHF=9.0871 TRY
Tuesday04/05/20211 CHF=9.1161 TRY
Wednesday05/05/20211 CHF=9.1383 TRY
Thursday06/05/20211 CHF=9.1759 TRY
Friday07/05/20211 CHF=9.122 TRY
Minimum: 7.7531 CHFTRY, Maximum: 9.1759 CHFTRY, Average: 8.3851 CHFTRY
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